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Sisterhood is No Small Thing: "30,000 adorable faces and all that stuff"

Jan 29 2019

Hey lovely friends,

You were never destined for the SHADOWS… you were never destined for DISPLACEMENT… and you were (definitely) never destined to be MUZZLED, SILENCED or NOT HEARD!

These were three powerful statements I felt compelled to speak over the women of our church at our combined global Sisterhood United nights late last year. I then went on to declare three things that I believe we are called and destined to as women. The night (that gathered, as a praise report, over 30,000 girls across 68 locations and 24 nations and with, praise God, 722 decisions for Christ) was our opportunity to celebrate a great year, plus launch into the 2019 Colour season.

So… this “picture blog” is a memory for our girls. A chance for them to maybe spot themselves smiling enthusiastically behind their upheld Colour poster-invitations 🙂 … and be reminded, yet again, that we are a part of something wonderful happening across the earth. And if you are from another place, it might also act to remind you that you are not alone… that you also have been called to greatness… and that there is a Sisterhood of fabulous women around the world who want to cheer you on.

I asked my location-girls to write a quick highlight or comment alongside their #fav photos of the night. Also, my team are telling me that this particular message, “Come Out of the Shadows Daughter of Zion”, airs on Feb 5th on our Hillsong Channel, which again, is accessible in many formats. Perhaps you have someone in your world who would benefit from hearing this again, or for the first time.

Anyway… all that aside, I do pray that 2019 has begun well for you. These are days for looking upward and for leaning into all God is doing on the planet. May your year be filled with grace and wonder, and always remember the welcome mat is out and ready if you desire to join us at any of our Colour Conferences around the world (Sydney, London, Cape Town, New York City, Los Angeles, Kiev).

Be blessed and have the BEST week ever!

Love always,
Bobbie xoxo



Hills – Sydney, AUSTRALIA
“Sisterhood United was a powerful finish to an amazing year. The girls came expectant and excited. The atmosphere was electric starting with powerful praise and worship to set the night up. Bobbie’s word was so prophetic and encouraging. Everyone left with gratitude for 2018 and a sense of purpose and expectancy for 2019.” Kylie Di Mauro


City – Sydney, AUSTRALIA
“It was great to have all the girls together in one venue and celebrate the year together. So many people brought friends. The girls loved the invitation and there is a big buzz for Colour 2019! Such a fun night!” April Miller and Natalie Pingel


Newcastle, AUSTRALIA
“I love the environment we create for women from all ages and stages: from the younger girls stepping into their potential and confidence, to the older ladies finding their place and purpose again. These nights are a definite highlight for the women in our church.” Kety Samways

Northern Beaches – Sydney, AUSTRALIA
“What an incredible night! The girls came out in force to Sisterhood United on the Northern Beaches. It was a wonderful celebration of all God has done this year through Sisterhood! We loved Bobbie’s message, it was truly prophetic, and we are all so expectant for Colour 2019!“ Joanne Groenestyn

Brisbane (Central and West), AUSTRALIA
“The Brisbane Sisterhood came out in force and brought their girlfriends with them. A great celebration of the year that was, a powerfully prophetic message from Bobbie and many women surrendering their lives to Jesus. It couldn’t have been more perfect!” Sarah Khiroya

“Darwin Sisterhood United Night was a huge highlight in 2018! We had the highest attendance we have ever had for a Sisterhood United Night but more than that, the highlight was the atmosphere because the girls turned up early and the foyer was pumping before the night even started. The girls walked into our foyer with the red carpet laid, pamper zones with girls standing in huddles with their Chinese take away box enjoy dinner together! I could instantly tell the girls had turned up with their girlfriends! So many new faces! Praise and worship had a revival feel in the air as the girls sang LOUD!! The lean in was breath-taking and they were hanging on every word that Bobbie spoke. Girls went home with hearts full and inspired to be the Zion girls who are ready to come out from the shadows!!” Emma Cooke

“Our Gold Coast girls and myself absolutely loved Sisterhood United Night! There’s something really special and powerful seeing all the girls across the breath of our church – across our three locations – all be together under one roof. It was such a beautiful evening of connection, unity, friendship and purpose. There were those in the room who have never been to church before who were so overwhelmed by the love and welcome they received and their lives so impacted by Bobbie’s incredibly powerful message. “Come out of the shadows” was such a timely, challenging and empowering Word that has resonated with so many women in the room and I feel it will be a foundational message going forward into the new season. Excited for the future and all that God wants to do in us together as His Sisterhood girls.” Elida Turner

“We had our biggest United night ever! A packed room with girls of all ages. Everyone loved Bobbie and we’re getting excited for Colour!” Janie Coyle

“Beautiful night down here, girls came from across all services to join together as the Hobart Sisterhood. Fantastic to see so many women who are unable to attend Thursday mornings really take a hold of United night, bring friends and genuinely love the message! We loved hosting our girlfriends from across other churches and many Colour girls from numerous denominations! Can’t wait for Colour Conference in March!”  Rose Medwin

Melbourne (City, East & West), AUSTRALIA
“The girls come out in force across three locations in Melbourne. They were ready to party, but more than that they came faith-filled with praise in their hearts, which was evident from the first song. Everyone left inspired, equipped and fired up. It was a highlight of the year.” Nicola Douglass

“Sisterhood United Night in Perth was stunning! This was only the 2nd time we’ve held a United Night in Perth and the girls absolutely loved it! From the gorgeous Miss Sisterhood teenagers gathering, the lunacy of giveaways and how beautiful Bobbie’s message was – we loved every moment!” Danielle Jeyaratnam

Bali, Indonesia
“Sisterhood United Night in Bali was really special. It was great to see so many of our girls come and lean in – full of faith and expectation! We are looking forward to being a part of Colour in Sydney!” Hillsong Bali Sisterhood Team

“There was great expectation and lean in at Sisterhood United Night. Girls were loved on, and they left encouraged and equipped.” Joyce Wilkinson

Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco, CALIFORNIA, USA
“We loved honouring a lady at each of our locations – which included a registration to Colour 2019! The CA girls came out in force and we had our first Sisterhood United Night in Orange County.” Hillsong CA Sisterhood Team


Copenhagen and Aarhus, DENMARK
“We had such a great night here in Copenhagen. We also had girls gathered in Aarhus (it’s a fairly new location about 3 hours from Copenhagen) and we had a bus load of girls from Malmö (Sweden) drive over to Copenhagen. The night was strong and Bobbie’s message was incredible – so many women talked about how rich it was and what an important message that was shared.” Kat Hansen

Konstanz, Dusseldorf and Munich, GERMANY
“Sisterhood United Night was wonderful! We met in Konstanz, Dusseldorf and Munich and there were good vibes all round!” Joanna Haverkamp

“We had an incredible Sisterhood United Night. Lots of fun in the beginning with tasty food and hot drinks, music and a photowall in the foyer. Confetti and balloons during the first song was special and there were girls jumping on their chairs during the ‘Proverbs 31’ giveaway moment! Fun and hilarious!” Natali Dzhabieva


Moscow, RUSSIA
“We had an amazing Sisterhood United Night. The atmosphere in the foyer was fun – we had pamper zones, free food and a photo zone!
The girls were hungry for worship time and prayer, and they laughed, responded and clapped during Bobbie’s message.” Anya Feshchenko

“The Saturday before Sisterhood United Night I had lunch with a girl where I encouraged her to 1) step out of the shadow 2) know that God would be waiting for her in an area where she needed to step out in faith, but know that the stepping out would be a celebration with confetti and balloons and 3) declare Psalm 91 over herself and the new area she was stepping into. At Sisterhood United Night Bobbie confirmed these three things for her and she felt like God reminding her to just trust him.” Debbie Vanderkolk

New York City, New Jersey, Boston and Connecticut, EAST COAST, USA
“Over one thousand girls were a part of 89 Sisterhood dinner parties across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. For many of the girls, this was their first Sisterhood gathering and they are excited to get more plugged into Sisterhood this year. A few highlights from some of our dinner party hosts are below.” Hillsong NYC Sisterhood Team

“We had a Sisterhood dinner party with some of our youth girls. We were able to get them proper dinner and they loved hearing from Bobbie! The high school girls had so much fun decorating their ornaments and were so thankful to get to be a part of the night! A handful of girls came from Queens to BK which is a huge commitment and wouldn’t typically occur for a youth gathering so that was very exciting!” Mary, NYC

“I didn’t know any of the girls who registered for my Sisterhood dinner party. It was awesome because each girl was a different age and nationality, all who lived locally and were struggling to find community within church. One girl has decided to make Hillsong home after attending the dinner party!” Gabby, New Jersey

“At the end of the message when all the girls received their invitations we worshipped along with the girls in Australia in our packed tiny apartment in Boston. It was really special!” Leona, Boston

“27 of the girls didn’t know anything about what Sisterhood or Colour is at all. It was amazing to share the story and teach them they too can be a vision carrier!” Desi, Connecticut

Oslo and Stavanger, NORWAY
“We had a beautiful evening gathering the girls together, with fellowship, great worship, and honour moment . We loved the message from Bobbie. One highlight was one of the girls who brought their neighbor who has been in a challenging season the last few years. She had not been to church since she was a child, but decided to join. The atmosphere, the message and fellowship really touched and impacted her and she surrendered her life to Christ. Beautiful to see the lights go on for the first time in this beautiful woman’s life.” Brit Krogedal

Ottawa, CANADA
“We gathered in strength at Sisterhood United Night! The environment was palpable, the expectation in the room was felt. At the first note in worship the girls were already leaning in. There was an intimate atmosphere as the girls sang their hearts out! We prayed specifically for women to walk into freedom from anxiety and depression and there were many who tangibly sensed the presence of God for the first time. Bobbie’s message was prophetic and profound. Unique to our gathering it was so enlightening for the women in our room of the House to hear what God has spoken over our House and over our Sisterhood movement. To see and experience what we are a part of globally and what we belong to enlarges every single one of us.” Julie Davidson

Toronto, CANADA
“We had an amazing Sisterhood United Night with our Toronto girls! We had a packed auditorium – our youth girls sat on the floor (our team had floor pillows and made it super fun for them) and we ended up with an overflow as well. The girls were really expectant from the minute they arrived. The Colour invitation moment was beautiful and the girls loved the invitation. All in all, a stunning evening that I know has changed hearts and will impact not only individual lives but our church will be different because of it.” Julie Bassett

Phoenix, USA
“All the girls gathering under one roof was powerful. Everyone listening to Bobbie’s message, uniting us and launching us into the new Colour season. The excitement was tangible. A not to be missed moment for sure.” Judith Crist

“Our first Sisterhood United Night in Portugal was amazing! All our locations gathered together in Lisbon and invited tons of friends! It completely exceeded all our expectations! The lean in from the women was incredible and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for the women of Portugal.” Amelia Boto


Cape Town (Century City, Somerset West, Mitchells Plain, Gugulethu), Stellenbosch, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Centurion, SOUTH AFRICA
“What a wonderful Sisterhood we had in all our locations – all aspects were beautiful and Bobbie’s message was incredible. The Sisterhood is alive and well, and we are on the move for Colour!” Lucinda Dooley

Buenos Aires and São Paulo, SOUTH AMERICA
“There was an incredible atmosphere. Women were so passionate and they were so engaged and really responsive to the message. Many invited new friends who responded to the altar call and are coming back to church on Sunday.“ Lucy Mendez

Barcelona and Madrid, SPAIN
“We had an incredible Sisterhood United Night in Barcelona and Madrid! The girls were reminded of how much they are loved and valued and are a part of a Global Colour Sisterhood.” Hillsong Barcelona Sisterhood Team

Stockholm and Gothenburg, SWEDEN
“Do you remember the day the lights went on? At Sisterhood United Night in Gothenburg and Stockholm we took time to remember. We remembered the 70s’ and the fashion, we looked back and remembered all the amazing things that has happened during 2018, and we took time in worship to remember who God is and what He has done for us. Lots of fun, amazing message from Bobbie that went straight into our hearts, and girls having their “lights turned on” when receiving Christ for the first time. It was a night to remember!” Lina Nielsen

Central London, New Bermondsey, Guildford, Kent, Oxford, Newcastle, Liverpool, Birmingham, Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM, and IRELAND, Milan and Rome, ITALY and Budapest, HUNGARY
“It was the first time we gathered in 13 locations across the UK and Ireland, Milan, Rome and Budapest. It was an incredible night and there were many good reports from girls who were impacted by the message and Colour invitation.” Hillsong London Sisterhood Team

Paris and Lyon, FRANCE and Geneva, SWITZERLAND
“We celebrated Sisterhood United in three locations, Paris, Lyon and Geneva. Girls had such a great time! In December it came to be a rough season in various cities and we were not sure we would manage to find a venue but at the very last minute God opened the door to find a venue in Paris with three small theatres and we had two back to back services in that place. In the midst of riots in the city, Sisterhood United provided to be a haven of peace, hope and joy! I personally was so stirred by Bobbie’s message – it was profound. We are all ready for Colour.” Camille White