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Shine: Angie's Story

Feb 25 2019

Angeline, better known as Angie, is a Sergeant in the South Africa Police Force, working in Kensington, Cape Town.

Angie has been serving her community for 24 years with a passion for children and community. Kensington is known for gang violence and Angie knows as much as anyone what the community is experiencing.

One year, Angie was invited to a Colour conference where she heard about Shine. She didn’t really know what it was until she later had the opportunity to participate in a Shine course herself. Angie says, “It touched my life so much and I had this thought, if I can get this out to my community…!”

Shine is a course that recognises how much in life is influenced by someone’s sense of value. A sense of identify, worth and purpose is a foundation on which an individual can flourish and fulfil their potential. Angie compares the focus of Shine to her work with the police, saying, “We are reacting to the symptoms; the Shine course gets down into the core issues of why is this child reacting to this, becoming a gangster, doing drugs. This is what our schools need. It meets kids right where they are.” Angie has seen Shine make an impact already and is excited to see Shine facilitated across more schools in her area.

Recently Angie stood in front a group of year seven students at a local school to introduce Cailin, the Manager of Shine for the Hillsong Africa Foundation. With an emotion charged voice and tears in her eyes she told them, “It’s actually a dream come true. With everything that’s happening in the area, lots of other organisations said no. Shine means so much. You girls are going to get so much out of it.”

Angie sees in the young women of her community what we as a Colour Sisterhood see in women everywhere – inherent value, strength and purpose. As a Sisterhood we are partnering with Hillsong Africa Foundation to spread the message of Shine across Cape Town and beyond. We invite you to join us!

Read more about the project below or learn about other challenges Children, Sisters, and Nations are facing in our world and how to take action to be the change! Reflect. Respond. Rally. #iamsisterhood