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Vision Rescue: Sushma’s Story

Feb 18 2019

Sushma was raising her four sons with her husband when one day he tragically fell ill. Not long after that he passed away after a sudden heart attack. Widowed with four children and no way to provide for her family, Sushma fell into depression.

Vision Rescue was able to support Sushma through visits to her home for counselling and encouragement, providing food relief and medicine and helping her to find work. One of her son’s, Shiv, began attending Vision Rescue’s preschool and is always singing the rhymes he learns there.

Sushma has found a new independence as a wonderful mother to her children. “Now I do everything; take care of the kids, cook food, and do everything to keep my family happy,” she says with a proud smile.

“Our main focus is children, but in order to keep a child in school we need to work with the whole family. We help the whole family so that the child’s education can be sustained.” – Biju Thampy, Founder of Vision Rescue

As well as their community-based Learning Centres, Vision Rescue run various programs to help build thriving communities, including healthcare and dental, skills training, business start-ups, and sports and self defence.

As the Colour Sisterhood, we partner with Vision Rescue to work towards a world in which every child can access their right to education. Read more about this and other Sisterhood projects and find tools to #bethechange locally and globally for children, sisters, and nations at

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