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International Women’s Day 2019

Mar 8 2019

Today we observe International Women’s Day – a day when many in the world pause to celebrate women and the contribution they have made in the world.

The origin of this day dates back to the 1900s, with the most significant milestone being in 1917 when female Russian textile workers rose up and marched in protest for “Bread and Peace”.  Not long after that Russian women were granted the right and privilege of voting.

Histories pages have certainly been turbulent for women down through the ages, yet great strides have also been made to close the gaps that traditionally have held women back. Their strengths are being recognised, and their voices are being welcomed into the conversations  — but in all truthfulness, there is still so much work to be done in so many nations and societies around the world.

At Hillsong, we have always sought to value the worth, potential and contribution of women. It’s seen in the multitude of women who are involved in leadership, and it’s seen in the everyday outworking of men, women and families who are doing life with a united sense of both vision and cause.

There is a saying that ‘we are better together’ — and as a global Colour Sisterhood, this is true. When women build one another up, cheer one another on, and unite rather than succumb to division — we contribute to pathways that create hope and solution.

As we mark this “International Women’s Day”, I’m mindful that in one week’s time women of all age and background will gather in Sydney for our annual Colour (Your World) Women’s Conference.  They will come from far and wide and from every walk of life… and together we will lean into a message and mandate that is both releasing and empowering of women.  The conference will then roll out across the United States, Europe and South Africa.

My prayer for you as a woman is that you will discover and then live in the conviction that there IS a God in Heaven who believes in you — that the gift and measure He has bestowed within you, will not be hindered or contained; and that the dreams and aspirations within your heart will become reality as you lean into His wisdom and freedom.

You are fabulous and wonderful…  and you are created for “such a time as this”.

Happy International Women’s Day.

Bobbie Houston