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“She searches out continually to posses that which is pure and righteous. She delights in the work of her hands.”

Proverbs 31:13 TPT

When I read this verse, I’m immediately blown away by the Proverbs 31 woman’s delight in her work. I don’t know about you, but when I think about work I can’t help but think of the mundane, the necessary chores, the aspects of life that are not always enjoyable but have to get done. Sometimes I find it difficult to remember the importance of the mundane; it’s boring, it’s habitual, and a lot of it goes by without recognition. No matter how boring or how insignificant it may look, God sees it and He values it.

I remember walking into Colour Conference last year feeling tired and overstretched by my to do list. I was a few weeks away from graduating from college, in the middle of searching for a new apartment, and trying to sort out what my post grad steps would look like. It was an emotional and busy season full of academic stresses and post graduate ambiguities, and I was tired. I felt like I was being stretched in a million different directions and I definitely was not delighting in the work of my hands. I remember thinking that the menial tasks that I was doing, essay writing, apartment searching, etc. were getting in the way of bigger dreams.

Colour could not have come at a better time.

I remember that as I leaned into the messages and worshipped alongside my connect group, God reminded me to delight in Him. What He had placed in my hands was valuable to Him. I couldn’t see the big picture, but His gentle reassurance that I was in the right space, at the right time, gave me the confidence to take the little steps and to follow through with what he had given me in that season. Taking time out of my schedule for those two days of Colour reminded me of the importance of seeking out time with God. The tasks on my list were important, but without intentional seeking out of God, spending time in His word, spending time in His presence, everything I was doing was just busy, boring, and mundane.

The Proverbs 31 woman knows that the work of her hands is no small thing (no matter how boring it may seem), she is not afraid to put effort into her relationships, to take care of the things in her hands. She is confident in God’s care for her, and she puts effort into what He has given her. She knows that He has graced her for her season and He has gifted her for her calling. She fearlessly seeks out what is pure and righteous because she knows that through this, she will be equipped for wherever He calls.

As Colour Conference quickly approaches, we can take this opportunity to lean into the heart of God, into what He has placed upon our lives. We can boldly seek out what is pure and righteous by choosing to spend time with Him. We can delight in the work He has placed in our hands. In this, we can gather, equip, and encourage each other, and we can boldly step into all that God has spoken over our lives.


Miranda, Sisterhood Intern

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