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Sisterhood United Nights for clean water

Apr 11 2019

A few weeks ago we made history girls… It was our first time gathering across all 3 locations for our Sisterhood United Nights, in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Malmö! All 3 nights were incredible, and having it in all our locations gave us the opportunity to invite the ‘local’ girls in our world.

We cleaned out our closets for clean water and our ‘pre loved’ clothing markets were so much fun (and also a bit chaotic :-)!!) But what was fun for us, actually served a much bigger purpose: Clean water. I was so lucky to get to see the fruit of this last year, and I want to let you in on what we are actually supporting when we give towards the clean water initiative, by taking you back to when I was in Uganda last year.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I landed in Uganda last November… I was confronted with great need but I was also exposed to great hope. I have been part of Hillsong Church since 1996 and have always heard of who and what Compassion is, but actually getting to see firsthand the incredible work of compassion was something else! Having the opportunity along with all the other female lead pastors to meet some of our Compassion children that we sponsor was such a special moment that I will cherish forever.

Each day was full of new experiences and we got to meet such wonderful people, but there was one day on our trip that really impacted me. It was where we got to have a ‘day in her shoes’ where we met with some of the local women at the water well. It was here we got to see a glimpse of what life looks like for these incredibly brave, strong women. It was clear to see that each of these women have the same desire to love and care for their children and their household like you and I do, but the outworking of that looks so different because of the poverty they live in.

We started the day by collecting clean water from a well that was made possible by the generosity of everyday people in Hillsong London. We then walked with the water (attempting to carry it on our heads 😉 ) to their village where the women opened up their homes to us. It was evident to see the impact of the clean water that was available to them, something that we take for granted everyday. To see, that through simple generosity, and everyone playing their part, we can make a difference.

That is why we took the opportunity across all our Sisterhood United Nights a few weeks ago to do the same. Because together we can make a difference!!

Because of your incredible generosity from the clothing market, and the offering on the night we were able to raise over 18,000kr that can go towards clean water!!!! Thank you so much for leaning in, being part of it and understanding that we are blessed to be a blessing! We got to experience sisterhood being united in friendship and cause!

If you didn’t get an opportunity to give or you were not at one of our United Nights, then you can have an opportunity here. Go visit Compassion’s website, and see how you can bee a blessing.

Can’t wait to be together with those of you that are coming to London for Colour!

Lots of love, Kat