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Motherhood... is no small thing

May 9 2019

As we approach Mother’s Day this Sunday in Australia (and in other places around the world), we want to acknowledge and celebrate ALL women! We love to make this day special and we will be celebrating all the girls, whether literal mums or not. We hope you will join us Sunday morning… because we have special guests, special surprises and even a special gift! 

Pastor Bobbie concludes the 2019 “Colour-conf-marathon” this same weekend in Kiev. It will her 8th Colour Conference for this year and the 114th since it’s inception 23 years ago, which is also “no small thing”. By all accounts it has been fabulous with thousands gathered and so many great stories to tell of. She and the team will be back this coming week for our Heart and Soul in Australia (Tuesday night) and Sisterhood on Thursday. 

That aside, we dug deep and found some thoughts written by Pastor Bobbie in 2013… so we asked if she would mind if we posted them again. Truth is timeless and any wisdom on motherhood is helpful. (She may have re-edited it a tiny but in the plane from London to Kiev).  

With love,
Hillsong Sisterhood


Motherhood… is no small thing


Family is without doubt a GOD-idea, and within a healthy family both parents play a critical role.

I am a mother and I love being one. Brian and I have three adult children. Each of them have married fabulous partners, who we honestly love as our own flesh and blood. We’ve been blessed with seven amazing grandchildren, with five of them now living in the United States. Life is full and colourful, yet having said that, it also has its challenges. The blessing of both longevity and family is available to all, but it is often discovered amid the challenges and seasons of life.

For those with faith and confidence in the wisdom of the Bible — the ‘maternal heart’ is very much a gift from above. Parenthood is a journey for all of us, but here is a handful of qualities that have proven trustworthy in my experience.

– Recognise that any child is an “ENTRUSTED child”. Our children have been entrusted to our care, and our responsibility is to raise them within the knowledge, purposes, wonder and calling of a gracious God.

– Recognise that we carry them for only a SEASON… therefore every season matters. As they grow in adulthood, seek to be mindful of what each season presents and has for them, and be their greatest cheerleaders.

– As a mother, recognize that we are in PARTNERSHIP with not only their natural father, but their Heavenly Father also. Understand that our example will profoundly shape their mindsets, convictions, choices and destiny path.

If you are a solo parent, I empathise, but also want to remind and encourage that God is a very present and willing help. The challenges might be different and amplified, but so also is His Grace in such circumstances.

– Recognise that TENDERNESS is a mark of wisdom. Solomon in Proverbs 4 commends the impact of his mother (“tender and the only one in the sight of my mother”). Tenderness is not weakness. Tenderness issues from the very nature and character of God… and “little people” need plenty of tenderness. In the same way that a young plant needs tender care, protection and water, we also have need of the same. In the same way that a plant needs to be pruned, we also need (tender) correction in order to grow to maturity, strength and fruitfulness. Psalm 144 speaks of young men who become like full-grown plants in their youth, and young women who become like pillars within a palace. A beautiful metaphor indeed of the fruitfulness to be found within wisdom.

– Recognise the power of COMMUNITY. A famous African proverb says: “It takes a village to raise a child.” Parents who isolate themselves rage against all wise judgment (Proverbs 18:1). Healthy community is learned. It is the environment that teaches young hearts how to respect and value others and how to contribute in life. Hebrews 10:25 exhorts to not neglect to gather together, as is the habit of some. Society needs mothers who understand the critical importance of healthy community, in order that healthy relationships can be felt and experienced.

– The Bible teaches that the (healthy and wholesome) FEAR OF GOD is the BEGINNING OF WISDOM, therefore the woman who positions herself in and under His presence and Word is setting her family up for blessing. Godly truth will transform not only her own experience across the length of her days, but that also of her children.

– Recognise that one day your children will grow up and leave your household… but if you have given your best to them, they will never actually LEAVE you. Regardless of what may separate in the natural (distance or geography), your children’s hearts will always lean towards you and they will rise up and call you blessed (Proverbs 31).

– Recognise that (in Christ) we have the CAPACITY TO RAISE sons and daughters who can become people of influence in the land. Psalm 45 is full of promise to that end.

So… there is no end to the miracle of parenthood and in this case, motherhood. I have mentioned only a few thoughts but I pray they are of blessing. Legacy is no small thing… so if you are a mum:

  • Pray for wisdom as a parent.
  • Pray for your children.
  • Don’t ever be too embarrassed, stubborn or proud to apologise to your children if you have made a mistake at their expense.
  • Believe the best and speak the best over them.
  • Be their greatest fan.
  • Be their cheerleader.
  • Encourage always.
  • Forgive easily.
  • Example grace.
  • Discipline with grace.
  • Teach them with grace.
  • Notice what others fail to notice and listen to God’s Spirit concerning them.
  • Always remember that they belong to Him.
  • Ultimately raise them to love the Lord YOUR God, with all THEIR heart, soul and strength.

You are amazing and you’ve got this. Be blessed and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY from our world to yours.

Love always,