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My Colour Conference 2019

May 15 2019

This year, we had over 100 girls from Denmark and Malmö flying over to London to be a part of the Colour Conference 2019. It was encouraging, inspiring, emotional and beyond beautiful.

One of our amazing Copenhagen girls, attended Colour Conference for the very first time this year, and she has been so kind to share her experience with all of us:

My first Colour Conference

Because this was my first time attending Colour, many people have been asking me about it.  The only way I can respond is, “It was overwhelming, in THE BEST possible way!”

For me though, it started before Colour, when the women of our church, allowed themselves to be moved by God, in a sacrificial way, to pay for EVERYTHING for the trip: my ticket, hotel, flight, and spending money!  Even as I sit here reflecting, I am overwhelmed by God’s love for me, shown through the actions of others.  It really can’t be described in words, but I can say, it’s EXTRAORDINARY!

Once there, I was overwhelmed by the messages, worship and fellowship.  It’s absolutely astounding, that in a crowd of 10,000 women, God spoke SPECIFICALLY to me.  In one message, it was as if the speaker, met with me ahead of time, asked me what I had been going through, and then created the entire message around our conversation.  That is how profoundly the message spoke to me, as it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear, in that EXACT moment.  It was amazing.

Finally, the worship and fellowship, was just as overwhelming.  The presence of God was there in a special way, and God abundantly blessed and spoke to me through the songs and conversations.  My faith was stirred, my soul blessed, and my gratitude deepened.

I’ll conclude by saying this, when it was time to leave, I left thinking, “There is NO WAY, I ever want to miss out on Colour again!

Jennifer Cantrell // Hillsong Copenhagen

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