Schools Tour 2019

13 May 2019

This year we are again so honoured to host Schools Tour, an initiative from Hillsong Youth, designed to help strengthen and develop the hearts and minds of students from all walks of life across Australia. Our heart is that this message of freedom and hope would not be contained to the four walls of a Church but that it would light up the darkest places in our Schools and ultimately in the lives of young people.

These tours offer a program that is full of life giving, contemporary praise and worship and an inspiring and hope filled message that speaks to young people’s true identity and their longing for connection. Our prayer is that young people would know that they are ‘Never Alone’– packaged in a fun, relevant and engaging way through activities, games, performances as well as an outdoor festival that rallies school communities together.

In previous years, particularly in Christian Schools, we have seen these programs encourage students to embrace their faith and share it with others which has overall contributed to schools building positive and cohesive environments.

Last year, Schools Tour reached over 34,000 students! And we had so many great reports from students, teachers and principals… now that is a miracle (I never did have many compliments growing up from teachers at school!!!)  This year, we are expecting to extend the reach of Schools Tour and hope that more young people would be able to find hope and freedom!

Our next Schools Tour is taking place on Monday 13th May- Friday 17th May. We will be visiting schools in NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS and NT.

We are really praying and believing that we would see miracle after miracle take place in the lives of students we reach this year!

We do everything we can to ensure Schools Tour is free of charge, yet we welcome donations to support the costs of making these tours happen so we can continue to impact the lives of young people across Australian schools. If you would like to give or find out how you can be involved within Schools Tour, you can do so here.

Pray with me, that all these young people would hear the Good News and that their lives would never be the same.

How cool to think that there is a young person whose life is about to be radically changed and that can impact their home, community and the generations that follow after them.

With love,
Peter Toggs