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Several Soloists Singing Songs of Some Silliness

Jul 31 2019


I first met Funny Man Dan before he was funny. I mean before that name was bestowed upon him by someone who neither of us can quite remember.

It was 2003 and this circus performer, this street artist, this struggling actor was unleashed to perform and entertain hundreds of children at our annual Hillsong Conference. This was a match made in heaven as the kids found everything he did (and what he looks like) hilarious, and Funny Man Dan was born.

I was part of the team at Hillsong Kids in Sydney and this meeting was one of the most fortuitous moments of my life – a comedic partnership had begun. Over the past ten years we have written songs together both to keep kids smiling and convey the truth of the Bible for Hillsong Kids projects like our Big Curriculum, ‘A Big Life’ & ‘Cubbyhouse’ kids television shows and Dan’s live comedy special “Funny Man Dan Live: Hello”. Songs about books of the Bible, heroes of the Bible, major themes like Faith, Hope and Love and so much more.

The heart behind each of the songs was two fold.

  1. Convey the truth of the Gospel in a way that gets into the hearts and minds of young lives
  2. Make it fun

What is the emotional response kids have when they hear the name of your church?

Despair? Indifference? Joy? Excitement?

I hope at the very least there is an anticipation that church might just not be the worst day of a child’s week. We want that response to be overwhelmingly positive. We want them to anticipate joy and hence very specifically… very purposefully… we attempt to bring laughter every week. We want the joy of the Lord to be the strength of every person finding themselves at church.

At some point along the way, a wise mind thought… we should gather these songs together… rerecord, remix and release these musical gems as an album. So after looking at the vast catalog, we chose 20 of our favourites, warmed up our voices and sung them into some microphones (I loosely use the term sing… we had to pull in some friends to help on most of the big numbers).

As the title suggests, these are songs of SOME silliness. it’s not all crazy string and lollipops, these songs contain Bible truth, and encouragement for each child to get into their hearts and minds.


So join Funny Man Dan as he sings 20 of his favourite and funniest songs in one colossal collection. Giggle at his song about Gifts, Cackle at Crazy Noise and be delighted with ‘Dandy, Candy Eating Handy Hands’. Each song is super fun but also has a message of encouragement from the Bible.