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The ‘Nudge from Above’

Aug 13 2019

We have retrieved some gold from the archives (2010 to be exact) and wanted to share this with you from Pastor Bobbie as an encouraging reminder.

9 years on and it’s as vital today as it was then.

A nudge from the Holy Spirit is no small thing!

With love,
The Sisterhood Team


“Nudge From Above”

(Originally published in Enhance Christian Women’s Magazine 2010. A few details have been updated to current day).

The ‘Nudge from Above.’

What is that!? The dictionary says that to ‘nudge’ is “to gently prod someone with the elbow in order to get their attention”.

I wonder how many times the invisible, yet very real and very tangible Holy Spirit comes alongside each of us and ‘nudges’ us to pay attention to something or, more importantly, someone.

Personally, I love that the Spirit nudged my friend Lily (in a Friday afternoon biology class many years ago) to invite me to her church that weekend. I love that He kept nudging her (maybe a double nudge) to not draw back when I said “Oh, I believe in God, but I don’t think you need to go to church”. I love that He nudged her and possibly whispered, “Yeah, yeah, but ask her if she wants to come anyway”.

I love that life is full of nudges from above; nudges that have the capacity and potential to open amazing worlds of opportunity and change.

John’s gospel records how Jesus said the Spirit was “with” us and could be “in” us, and I love that He is attune to way more than what we see or know or understand. I love that alongside us, He helps us see, hear, navigate and understand the Father’s heart for people and situations.

Imagine if EVERY BELIEVER said YES to just ONE nudge-from-above this week… it could possibly be a world-changing week.

It only took two possible nudges from the Holy Spirit in a bio class 47 years ago to point me in the right direction… So who knows what that same unchanging, eternal and magnificent Spirit has in mind for and on behalf of the Father this week!

So girls (and guys!), don’t be shy… listen and allow yourself to be promoted by the Holy Spirit. You never know who may be writing about that very moment in years to come! ?

Love ya,