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10 Things You May Not Have Known About Hillsong WCC... Until Now

Sep 17 2019

1. We are launching our new Hillsong Worship album on October 11 – ‘Awake’ and this will be the first place you hear these incredible songs live.



Pre order/add the new album ‘Awake’ here

2. We will be recording some live sessions of the popular Hillsong Creative podcasts.


Subscribe to the Hillsong Creative Podcast here

3. We will be starting our first ever “Big Breakfasts” that will give you a chance to meet and build relationships with people who do similar things to you across the greater church and also an informal way to ask questions and share your own experience over a bowl of coco pops.

4. If you can’t make it to Sydney in person, this is currently the only Hillsong conference that you can participate in live online, complete with some workshops and tailor-made online experiences.

Register for the Online Experience here.

5. Midnight Massive is the only thing reserved for “in the room” delegates only. If you want to experience this you will need to get yourself to Sydney.



6. There are over 140 co-labs to choose from and you will have an opportunity to register for these in advance to avoid disappointment, and they range from cartooning to songwriting, production to worship leading, musicianship, digital and social media, IT and links, creative leadership to industry specific classes, dance, drama, film and TV, storytelling and pioneering.


7. You will get to hear from our Global Senior Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston who have framed and encouraged the creative expression in our church.

8. We will have brand new, exciting conference memories for you to take home (look out for the monkeys and environmentally friendly coffee cups).

9. We are working on fun ways to cultivate community around conference and hope that you find time to visit firepit alley, the night markets, the art gallery and a range of other creative spaces.

10. For the first time ever, you will have the ability to attend “immersives”– where you “immerse”yourself in creativity and experience how creativity can be used across all disciples to move people and help them to see God at work. Sessions look like Sunday night at the movies, the media collective on the rooftop, Hillsong worship for small churches, behind the scenes on producing a movie, photography fieldtrips, prophetic worship, music production in our studio and more.