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A New Beginning

In a country facing a very real challenge of unemployment, finding work when you are over the age of 55 can be demoralising and stressful. Hillsong Africa Foundation have identified needs amongst the community for not just employment but the skills need to retain those jobs.

When Brian lost his marriage and found himself unable to support himself, he was at a major crossroad.

“I previously had a very good job in Botswana as a shop manager; we had a big house and everything you could dream of. When my family left Botswana, I couldn’t find a job here in Cape Town. My wife was working and supported me for a while until we separated at the end of last year. That season left me unemployed, between homes and in a difficult space to find a job because of my age. Before we were separated, my wife got me to come to Hillsong ChurchBecause I had problems being unemployed, I heard there that the Accelerate team would be able to help prepare people to find a job. One of the team put me in contact with Keith, who is my boss now and is also a part of church. We now paint houses and do other jobs together.”

Volunteers at the Centres help in whatever we they can, assisting with documentation and seeking to build bridges to better opportunities to people can not only secure a job but grow in confidence and take steps to a more secure future.

But support for Brian didn’t stop there. He was able to begin finding a community of people he could be a part of and has found somewhere to live.

“I started going to men’s group, meeting on a Wednesday evening. I’m positive, happy and without stress now. I don’t have much but I’m surviving. This church has been wonderful to me. I saw that there was a granny flat for rent in this area but there were many other people who were also interested in it. One Sunday I came to church and I met this lady right before the service started. She tapped me on the shoulder and asked if she could pray for anything specific for me. I said yes and we prayed together for accommodation and I filled in a prayer request after the service. On the Monday afterwards, I received a phone call and the owners of the flat said that I can have the flat.”

HAF Accelerate programs are continuing to refine their programs identifying the need to focus on soft skills needed for maintaining not just gaining employment such as work ethic, attitude, interpersonal skills, adapting and learning to cope with change.

Through your support of the Hillsong Africa Foundation, the Accelerate Centres welcomed 152 new participants and 41 participants obtained jobs like Brian.

For Brian this is just the beginning of a life filled with new hope.