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Stay the Path

Sep 11 2019

Decision. The power to decide and choose and follow and be. The desire to turn up, stay and obey. The conviction to remain.

I am of the opinion that deciding is both easy AND challenging. It’s easy when you are at your wits end and Jesus steps into your reality. It’s easy to surrender to the Life-giver when death and darkness has been all you know. It’s easy to follow in the honeymoon period of new faith and wonder. It’s easy when things are smooth, straightforward, uncluttered.

But what about when the winds of change turn up, or the darker clouds press in spiritually, or living the Christ-following life suddenly isn’t as easy or appealing as you would like — well, that’s when the power of “decision” comes into play.

None of us are perfect. That’s why the Father sent the Son and Holy Spirit… they help us find strength when the journey feels arduous. I wrote a book called “Stay the Path”. You don’t even need to read it (although I know it could help ?) but even the title has power. Meditate it. Ponder it.

Stay the path… Stay the path… Stay the path!

The road leads home and there is only one way to get there! So, stay the path friend. Decide… “I HAVE DECIDED”. The past is the past. The present is now. The future awaits. Psalm 84 is my fav on this note. Roads that lead upwards, take their turns and then finally, ZION, GOD IN FULL VIEW.

With love, Bobbie

Click here to read an excerpt from Chapter 1 of ‘Stay the Path’