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Oct 11 2019



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A post shared by Hillsong Worship (@hillsongworship) on

There are a lot of albums out there. And on October 11th, there will be this one.

Some will pass it by, listen glancingly and then move on. It’s the nature of  “consumption”. ⁣

But for others – for many, I believe – it will be “ingested” – and this will make all the difference. ⁣

Because ingestion means assimilation. Fuel is absorbed and turns to energy. And as those with ears to hear ingest this – the Spirit of God will assimilate it into thoughts, conversations, choices and actions that fuel Gospel movement. ⁣

At our first prayer meeting for this record, I shared with our team something I’d just heard Tim Keller say about prayer plunging our imagination into God “so that the things we think up are Gospel movement things”. So we prayed that day and every day after – we plunged our imaginations into God, so that the things we thought up would not just be great ideas, but Gospel movement. And we worked very, very hard (harder than you’d believe and harder than is healthy). ⁣

At the start of this year at our Vision Sunday service our senior pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston declared “revival is in the air”. I wept through that service as I realised how the songs that had been assembled already for this new album were all different chapters of this same revival story. And it wasn’t one we were writing. It was one the Holy Spirit was authoring – bigger than all of us, more intricate than we could understand. ⁣

Perfectly and prophetically, a few months later UNITED released “People” and now we Hillsong Worship are ready to bring you Awake. ⁣

This project will, we pray, be a strong Amen to the word proceeding from our church Hillsong to the Church today and a strong dose of smelling salts to those who are weary, drowsy or nauseated by the times.⁣

Because what is revival if it’s not people AWAKE? ⁣

Thank you for listening.



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