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Why Walk for Freedom?: Jane's Story

Oct 17 2019

Why walk for freedom?

One day, while waiting for the bus, a young girl, Jane* was approached by a good-looking man. They talked for a while and a few weeks later they started dating—but as time went on, he started to become more controlling.

He asked Jane if she wanted to go out of town together. Thinking this was going to be a great opportunity to explore a big city in the USA, she agreed. But not long after, he started forcing her to sleep with men for money. Jane feared that if she said no, she would suffer severe abuse from him and was forced to sleep with men for months–traveling from city to city and having to turn all the money over to her boyfriend.

After enduring severe abuse, Jane bravely escaped–she ran until she couldn’t run any further. A bystander noticed her, offered assistance, and she was connected with A21.

The A21 team assisted her in returning home and provided services to her through their Freedom Centre, helping her work through the trauma she had suffered and help her look forward with hope toward her dreams and goals.

Why walk for freedom?

Because lives like Jane’s are on the line.

Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry with millions of people enslaved today than ever in human history.

The statistics are daunting but bringing stories like Jane’s into the light, we see the one.

A21’s Walk for Freedom is for the Janes in this story – thousands of people in 450 locations in 50 countries across the world will walk together in silence to raise awareness for all those enslaved today, walking for freedom for the millions and for the one.

No matter where you are in the world, we can all take action.

As a church, we have been partnering with A21 for over 10 years and through the Hillsong Foundation have been supporting their work in Thailand through their SAFE Repatriation Program, providing services and support to enable survivors of trafficking to return home or find a safe alternative care option.

To join a walk in a location near you or to donate, go to

*Survivor’s name has been changed for her protection.

Hillsong Social Justice Team