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Colour Conference 2020 Day 2

Mar 6 2020

The sun managed to peer through the clouds for the second day of conference shining on gatherings of girlfriends chatting and laughing with coffees in hand. Inside, the auditorium steadily filled as women found their seats, recorded moments for memories and settled in for a dazzling morning.

Taya, Matt Crocker, Ben Fielding and team opened the morning with beautiful worship, and encounters with heaven. Revelations in song declaring God’s eternal nature elevated hands and hearts, acknowledging Him as the “waymaker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness” who never stops working in our lives.

No sooner did Bobbie commit the day to the Lord when she shifted gears – “How did you all sleep last night? Turn around, say hi to someone and tell them they’re incredible!”

The platform was a vision of girls in gowns against outback Australia as Bobbie took a few moving moments to honour three outstanding Aussie women. Afterward, she reminded the room of the local Sisterhood project to refurbish schools for victims of the bushfires.

Anne Voskamp, renown author and mother of seven children, began with a story of her early married life. “We all want to be found irresistible. I have fought self-loathing and self-harm repeatedly. You can be halfway through your story and not really know the way through because the story hasn’t gone the way you dreamed”. Heralding God as our rescuer, our light in the darkness, the room was rivetted as Anne opened her life and her heart in confronting authenticity, reaching out with a message of hope to the wayward and the prodigal.

Unassuming, Leanne Matthesius delivered Brave Girls – a message of liberation from fear. Her powerful story challenged everyone to rise up and break free from the crippling effects of fear. “I’ve noticed a cry coming up from the earth – there must be more to life than this! We Aussie and Kiwi girls tend to underestimate our value and potential.”

After lunch, the Sisterhood Session began with a fun video exploring some real-life relationships. “Every day represents a new opportunity for reconciliation with one another”. Bobbie spoke of leaping into the new decade as a seasoned Sisterhood with greater focus and intention – “To be kingdom spirited and minded is to live for a greater purpose than ourselves.”

With their trademark larrikin humour, Revelation kicked-off the evening with plenty of belly-laughs. Joel Houston led worship alongside Ben Hastings to once again encounter heaven.

Laura Toggs hosted dad Brian, brother Joel, husband Peter and Ben Fielding, a response to Bobbie’s heart for the voice of the men to speak encouragement and empowerment to women. Among the profound wisdom and storytelling were some hilariously spontaneous moments such as Laura speaking about Joel: “It’s funny how God would take the songs my brother wrote to heal the wounds he caused me when I was little!”

Within the light and shade, Colour 2021 regos opened asking the question – have you ever felt the power of a kiss?

From a field of sunflowers, Bobbie reminded us that we are entrusted with this remarkable time in history. “Learn to position yourself in the gaze of heaven… Be found in the kiss”.