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Colour Conference 2020 Day 3

Mar 8 2020

Day three of conference and women are noticeably relaxed, connected and expectant for the day ahead and a ‘God-word’ for their journey from here. Registrations for 2021 are filling fast and the atmosphere in the foyer areas is upbeat. It’s easy to get swept up into the positivity and leave your worries at the door… perhaps they won’t even be there when you leave.

Meanwhile, the Online Experience has so many fun things to discover, including another first – ‘Colour Car Rides’ with Karalee Fielding driving around with a variety of guests for some very special interviews, ‘Sisterhood Greenroom’ chats in a beautiful garden and documentaries including ‘The Making of a Story’ and ‘How to Prepare for a Colourful Week’

The auditorium cheered as Y&F lead worship with some of their new songs, including the newly released single Best Friends at the top of the list. “All of my best friends are sick of pretending, we want the truth… so much is missing so give us the real thing, I know it’s You”.

A definite theme is emerging: God our Waymaker, as the morning welcome from Bobbie started with a chat with daughter Laura about the new Y&F album, another wonderful Honour Moment and a heads-up about this evening’s prayer for women who have been wanting to have a baby. “I’ve already received 440 emails about miraculous conceptions since last year’s conference”, encouraged Bobbie.

Anne Voskamp seamlessly picked up the Waymaker theme as she spoke of her family’s journey of adopting a baby girl from China and how the divine voice of God interrupted her ‘no-way’ moment to carve a way through. “Sometimes, God may call you in real time and it may sound like the voice of a friend, but don’t miss His voice.”

After lunch, Sisterhood Session began with the much anticipated ‘gift moment’ and all the creative fun that comes with it. Bobbie voiced an unmistakable call to mobilisation, and for those who have been Colour girls for many years not to grow weary in doing good. After the traditional “Wave” to the next girls in Conference 2, LA and onward, it was time for a break before the evening’s finale.

Closing celebrations started with worship and an inspiring video testimony from Tarryn Stokes. Leanne Matthesius’s message titled “A Real Supermum” was relevant and on point helping to empower and mobilise open and receptive hearts.

It has been a wild, bright awakening for so many girls, ready to take the word of Jesus the Waymaker into their respective worlds.

Proverbs 31 has been foundational for the Sisterhood movement, and The Passion Translation footnote is a fitting summation of COLOUR’S mission:

This woman is both a picture of a virtuous wife and an incredible allegory of the end-time victorious bride of Jesus Christ, full of virtue and grace.