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Take All of Me (Live in Houston)

Mar 27 2020

While we’re all staying home right now, we wanted to share these previously unreleased videos of songs recorded live in Houston during our Empires tour. We hope they provide some encouragement and connection — we can’t wait till they day we can sing these songs together in person again!

We believe we are called to live in an upside down kingdom, going against the grain of what is ‘the norm’ in society today. That in lack we actually have all we need when we put our trust in Jesus, the King of the world.

That when we care for others, we actually find ourselves cared for. (Read Matthew 5 MSG it’s ? ??)

In all the uncertainty I’m reading scripture, reminding my soul who our God is. He is The Great I Am, The One who split the sea, who gave the Israelites manna from heaven – food not from this world when there was no food – and the bible says He doesn’t change. He is STILL the God who sends manna.

Jehovah Jireh, He is my provider.

I constantly sing a song about a God who would call us to lift our eyes, above the waves, the noise, the chaos and place them squarely on Him. 

He wasn’t moved or shaken in the storm, and yet even when we falter, worryingly take our eyes off Him, He is still there. 

Waiting. Ready to pick us up, He lifts us out of the clay and sets us on solid ground.

I pray you would set time aside today, put on this song (or really any other worship song if you want) not because we are amazing (we truly are not ha) but because the words that pop up on the screen behind us as we worship are true, words you can bank your life on, Gods word — these words have personally encouraged me to lift my gaze again, that we are called to be the church in these days, salt and light— we are not to lose our saltiness, the thing that makes us different, the fruit of a spirit-filled life, but rather we are here to bring out the God colours in the world.

It is time, yet again, to shine the light of Jesus to those around us, to choose to see those around us and let them see Jesus in us.

This is my prayer.

We love you Jesus and we need you,

Thank you that you are here ?