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13 Essential Resources for Audio Engineers

Apr 22 2020

In our recent Micropod on the Hillsong Creative Podcast, we talked about ways that our audio teams are upskilling during this time. Although this season is challenging for many of us in, it has also created a space where we find ourselves at home with a bit more time on our hands. With this in mind, our audio team have taken the time to compile some of the best online resources that have been made available for those interested in this field.

Some of this material is official content from manufacturers or training providers. Other material is from industry experts who are sharing a video call with friends to discuss their workflow. While we didn’t create any of this content, we hope it helps you expand your skill and knowledge during this unprecedented season of life. Here’s a list to help you get started:

Audio Mixing and Processing

1. Andrew Crawford has been a key member of our team for 20 years. With industry experience in both live sound engineering and studio recording and producing, his YouTube Channel “The Mix Wizard” has a series of audio training videos.

2. Ken “Pooch” Van Druten mixes FOH sound for top tier Global Stadium Tours. In this season, he has been recording interviews with other industry professionals and posting them on his YouTube Channel “Pooch Sound Engineer”.

3. The team at MxUhave a vast library of highly produced training content available via their website and their YouTube channel.

4. Waves Audio has a robust library of videos on their YouTube channel targeted at training people on the use of their products.

5. Adamson Engineering has released a by-weekly series of Webinars on using their “Blueprint” software to design and predict the deployment of their PA systems.

6. Since March Riedel Communications GmbH & Co has created a series of educational videos called “Andy Explains”, where their training manager, Andy Colborn, explains different features in their network. As a church, we have relied on their systems to deliver all of our events.

7. “Mothergrid” has a YouTube channel with a series of videos on mixing orchestras, operas, films, microphone choices, and PA Design. They have also just released a video on mixing monitors with Patrick Krause who mixes monitors for top tier stadium bands like Toto.

8. Shure has helpful training, as well as audio and video webinars available on their website, through the Shure Audio Institute.


Networking for Audio, Video and Lighting

1. While audio and lighting have well and truly moved their signal distribution to IP, we know video is well on its way. This means that audio, lighting, video and broadcast system technicians need to become network engineers. We have encouraged our team to begin by studying with CBTNuggets for the CompTIA Networks+ Certification. Should they desire the next level of knowledge, a Cisco CCNA is the next step.

2. This video from the VSF Youtube channel teaches the basics of SMPTE 2110 in 60 minutes. Through their channel, you can also learn more on the Fundamentals of IP Networking in Broadcast, with ST 2110.

3. QSC Audio is the manufacturer of an audio DSP and control platform, known as QSYS.  Their training websitehas a full training curriculum to obtain certification for their platform.

4. Audinate is the creator of the “DANTE” audio over IP protocol. They have 3 levels of training and certification available on their website.

5. Ravenna Networks have created the Ravenna Audio over IP Protocol, which is the foundation of the AES67 standard. Their YouTube channel has loads of helpful information on the implementation of Ravenna, AES67, and SMPTE2110.