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Day 3: Holy Spirit Significance

Well, I must confess, when praying over 2020 and believing for Holy Spirit significance in our church and lives, I never for one moment would have thought the year would look the way it has so far. We are at the end of March and in the midst of a global pandemic that affects every one of us. Every day, the reports become increasingly bleak and as restrictions tighten, you may be feeling the impact in your everyday reality. Perhaps there has never been a time when the presence of the Holy Spirit is so desperately needed. The characterisation of the Holy Spirit as “ever present” is extremely poignant right now – remember, in all that you do and wherever you are, He is always with you.

Spirit means breath or wind and today, my prayer for you is that the same God who breathed life into Adam so he would become a living soul (Gen 2:7), will breathe life into any and every part of your world that is under threat. Whether it be your career, business, health or finance, I am believing what God will do in your life will be so incredibly significant that even the greatest cynic is forced to admit, “I can’t explain, it must be God.”

Let’s all determine to invite the Holy Spirit to invade every area of our lives. Let’s continue to give Him room in our daily decisions, our interactions and conversations, our endeavours and our dealings.

I will continue to believe with you for the wind of the Spirit and the unmistakable fragrance of heaven to be your constant portion in the months ahead.

Can I encourage you, stay in faith friend – the best is yet to come.


Brian Houston
Global Senior Pastor
Hillsong Church