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How can we come alongside one another from home?

Apr 2 2020
Hi gorgeous girl! ?
Rebecca here! Sending my prayers your way as I deeply hope you & yours are well and that you sense the presence and peace of Jesus in the midst of these challenging circumstances ?
I don’t know how you’re spending this time but after a full day of caring for my boys, I’m definitely ending up on the couch watching a movie a bit more than usually ? The other day “The prince of Egypt” was on and it gets to me every time ? At times I find it silly that movies can bring out the “ugly cry” in me, but then again.. I’m just allowing my heart to be moved. It makes me wonder how often we choose to do that. Allow our hearts to be moved with and for others. Allow our hearts to be moved to help. 
This coronavirus isn’t some distant threat anymore. It’s wreaking havoc right here in our midst. Yet, if we’re not personally affected or at risk, it can be tempting to choose what’s more comfortable and sort of “shut off” from the heart-breaking realities others are going through while we find ourselves safe and sound at home. But even though the strategy to fight this is to shut everything down and keep a social distance physically, we’re not meant to shut down our hearts and distance ourselves from one another emotionally, relationally or spiritually. 
2 Corinthians 1:4 (TPT):
“He always comes alongside us to comfort us in every suffering so that we can come alongside those who are in any painful trial. We can bring them this same comfort that God has poured out upon us.”  
No matter the season, we’re still Church, we’re still Sisterhood. And one of our mandates is to extend to others what Christ has extended to us. But in times like this, how do we do that? What could that look like? How can we make a difference and come alongside one another from home? 
I’ve listed a few ideas below that I’ve enjoyed doing and I hope you will too ?
? Facetime a girlfriend each day ?
? Send loving letters ?
? Send someone flowers ?
? Write encouraging notes and put them in people’s mailboxes in your neighbourhood ?
? Pray! You can pray on your own or with friends over the phone. You can also join our church’s morning prayers live on IG every day at 8AM and the Sisterhood Fight club. Let’s let prayer do the heavy lifting, this is how we fight ?
? Place a basket of goodies in front of someone’s door ?
? Talk truth! In a time where fear easily creeps in, let’s be voices of faith and speak life over one another ?
? Ask for help! Don’t forget to reach out if you’re the one in need of anything! We can be the answer to someone’s prayer not just by offering to help others, but also by giving others an opportunity to help ?
Let’s not allow anyone to fight alone, not ourselves and not anyone else! We’re better together, so especially in a season like this, let’s stand together with Christ at the centre 
Rebecca Ørsøe
#kindnessisnosmallthing #middaybabymidday #bettertogether #sisterhood #bethechange #sisterhoodfightclub