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Lord Send Revival: About That Night

Apr 9 2020

In early January we recorded a new Young and Free album at our youth summer camp. I remember in the lead up to this night having an immense amount of fearful nervousness rolled together with this deep-in-my-bones type confidence and assurance that we were going to experience God in a way that would leave us changed forever (isn’t that the paradox of faith). I was fearful because of how the song would come together and whether God would actually meet us in a way that I’d believed for. I knew we needed it and the song was already so bold. How gutsy it is to come before God and not only ask that He would pour Himself out, but that He would do it now. We sang in the middle of our nation going through severe bush fires and drought. The confident assurance came because I know Jesus – I have come to know in a greater way the authority we’ve been given because of Him and that the stories of miraculous revivals weren’t stories of old, but was ours to claim. “Greater works we shall see”.

And plain and simple – He did. He truly, truly did. Jesus’ tangible presence spoiled us in that room…. poured out in a way that’ll be hard for me to forget. The song had already been ministering to our church for a few weeks, but on this night, it felt like we stepped out in a new way and God blew our expectations.

So for whoever is reading this, whether you were there that night and can testify to what God did, or whether finding Jesus ministering to you through the song, or whether you haven’t heard it and this strokes your curiosity to search for it… let it bless you. Can God be good and also allow this season to come on us? Yes, He can – not because of an elaborate answer, but because I know the Jesus who suffered the cross is the same who says, “I will never leave or forsake you”.

I pray in Jesus’ name that it would breathe a wave of hope and a promise for you to declare over this season. We will come out better because of it.

“Lord send revival, lord send it now”

Alex Iosefa
Hillsong Y&F