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The Leadership Squeeze Pt. 1

Apr 24 2020

Our Hillsong College body experienced an exciting first this month as we kicked off our weekly college chapels online that saw students from across our global campuses join together and hear a seasonal message from our Executive Vice President, Lee Burns.

In a climate where face to face learning has moved temporarily online, we saw our students gather from Sydney, USA, Brisbane, Melbourne and Kiev for a time of worship and leadership injection across the screen.

Leaders, Leaders, Leaders! 

Using the story of Moses and the Red Sea from Exodus 14: 10-14, Lee reminded the student body that “the Lord will fight for us”, we need only be still and stand firm. Such an excellent way to lift atmosphere and momentum during this current season.

Lee spoke directly into the area of leadership growth with the following three points:

1. LEADERS SEE BEYOND OBSTACLES: Just as Moses had to make a decision to see beyond the Red Sea in front of him, we too are called to see beyond the obstacles and towards the promises before us.

2. LEADERS HEAR WHAT OTHERS CANNOT HEAR: When the people of Israel were complaining and wanting to go BACK to Egypt, Moses was able to hear the Lord, trust Him and move FORWARD. Can you hear what God is telling you to do as a leader?

3. LEADERS GO WHERE OTHERS CONSIDER IMPOSSIBLE: Where God calls us, He will sustain us. Like David went against all odds in facing Goliath, leaders will go, walk and advance into areas of impossibilities.

From Moses, to David, to Peter, anyone who has ever done anything great for God has never done so from a place of comfort or security. When we feel insecure, our security finds its foundations firmly in God! Let us stand strong as leaders, knowing He is our rock, “He is our fortress… and in Him we trust”. (Ps 91:2)

Are you ready for the leadership squeeze? We encourage you to join us online and allow this message to stir the leader within you. Grab your bible, a notebook and pen and simply click on the link below as you advance forward into all He is calling you into.