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The Spare Room

Apr 14 2020

I’m writing these words from my makeshift home studio that just weeks ago was a spare bedroom, home to clothes, a mirror and all the knick-knacks that hadn’t found their proper place after moving.

It was about twelve months ago that my husband, Oscar and I decided to move from our dreamy beach shack of newlywed bliss into the suburban family home to live with my 4 siblings and care for our late mother, who recently went to be with Jesus after battling cancer.

Grief has a way of giving you the ability to appreciate what truly matters and though this season has been immensely painful I’ve committed to take the lessons learnt into the days we’ve happened upon..

Family is different for everyone and in my world lately it’s been messy and loud and chaotic with dinners around the big table, many passive aggressive texts, deep bellied laughter and well-worn friendship. It’s been more odd socks than pairs, enviable teamwork in the kitchen, personalities crashing into each other, and cherished memories I plan to keep close.

So, whilst I’m home with my family and confronted by the reality of what we as humanityare walking through, I’m mindful of the many individual lives held within the statistics. I’m mindful that the “number” is our neighbor.

As I reflect, I’m mindful of those among us who have experienced any manner of loss, whether that be the loss of your livelihood, your health, the place you lay your head, your sanity, your plans, your known way of life or the warmth of another.

In this moment of great vulnerability, we can’t forget that Jesus is no stranger to the in-between. In His own story lives the poignant ‘Silent Saturday’ before resurrection became reality. He’s the saviour who wept, the saviour who carried all our sorrows to the cross and I believe He’s near to the broken-hearted simply because He’s been in the broken place many times before.

So, in the coming weeks I want to encourage us to find our sanctuary and divine at-homeness in Jesus. That we would get really good at making space for Him at the table. That we would let Him in on our conversations. That we would clear out the spare room in our hearts that grow cluttered by the seasons of life and invite Him in to work deeply and tenderly within us towards the wholeness that awaits…