We see crisis, God sees blessing 

Apr 20 2020

I don’t know about you, but in a crazy season like this, I tend to become more frustrated and anxious, because of uncertainty and lack of future perspective. However, I genuinely believe that God can turn everything into something great and fruitful, even if it doesn’t seem like that right now. 

I have been in a job seeking situation for about a month before this whole crisis exploded, and I felt a huge pressure of finding a job, even if I didn’t really like the position, to make sure I have financial stability. Even though I didn’t have peace about pursuing the career that I have been working in, I felt like I had to do it. 

But after the lockdown and quarantine happened, me and also a lot of other people got into an unusual situation – especially in the 21st century – to slow down, stay at home and be ok with not doing much. This took the pressure of finding a job as soon as possible off me, and gave me the opportunity to really think, about what my dream job and purpose is. 

I have been developing a passion for baking and cooking and what the lockdown meant for me was having a LOT of time to do this and actually think about opportunities of turning this passion into a career! I got so much feedback from family and close friends to pursue this dream, because they think I’m talented and good at what I’m doing – and sometimes that’s all we need to hear. 

A couple of days ago I was reading my daily devotional, called ‘Transformed’ by Rick Warren where he wrote: “If you’re in a job that’s not using the shape that God has given you, then get out of it. Life is too short to waste it on a job that doesn’t express who you were made to be. God did not put you on Earth to make money. What matters is what God has shaped you to do.” I absolutely LOVE this, and it gave me so much motivation to take my time and fight for the job that I love to do, that’s shaped for me, and using my talents that God has given me for a purpose. 

I’m still on a journey of figuring this out, but I am definitely closer to having an idea of what my dream job is, and I believe that God wanted to use this season exactly for this. I am convinced that He’s also doing great things in your life right now, even if you feel stuck or devastated about the situation, God is able to turn everything around. I am 100% sure that in a few months or a year we will be looking back and see the fruits and blessings of this season. 

We might see crisis, but God sees blessing!