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A Mother's Heart

It’s 05:25 am, Saturday morning before Mother’s Day 2020, and I have just received the best gift from my two kids (ages 2 & 6 months). They both slept right through the night. I didn’t have to get up 3 times, also not twice, not once, ZERO! In fact, they are still asleep! So I thought, while I have a minute and my mind slightly rested, I would make a quick coffee and write something to encourage your heart this Mother’s Day!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY by the way. What a different Mother’s Day it is this year. There is the obvious reason for why it’s different this year, The Covid-19 Lockdown.

But then, as I’m typing here, I’m so mindful of the 2 moms in my immediate community who each had to bury one of their children this year. What a different Mother’s Day it will be for them. There is my friend who recently lost her Mom to cancer. What a different Mother’s Day it will be. I’m thinking of my friend who has had to transition into being a single mom at the start of the year. What a different Mother’s Day it will be. Then there is my friend who gave birth this past week, I mean, what a different Mother’s Day it will be.

For me, personally, it will also be different. You see, as little as 3 years ago I didn’t think I’ll ever be able to get celebrated on Mother’s Day, because I was ‘lacking’ the one element that makes you a mother…a child. Infertility made me think I couldn’t be a mother. Until I received a Whatsapp message on Mother’s Day 2017 from an older and wiser ‘Mamma’ in our Hillsong Somerset West Church family, a message that completely changed how I view Motherhood.

It simply read “Some women are mothers because they have children, some women are mothers because they have a mother’s heart. You have a mother’s heart, so Happy Mother’s Day to you too.”

Those simple words highlighted something in my heart that God was stirring anyway. Something I have missed. Until it was highlighted. My heart has always had the ability to love other children like they are my own. I think of the immense love I (still) have towards the young people from my Youth Leader days.

I think of how my heart burst with love for our God-daughter, for my friends’ little ones, how my heart breaks when I see neglected children… It was 4 days after that message, that my husband and I decided to start the process of adoption.

And here I am, mother of 2 of the most beautiful children (who slept through the night whoop whoop). Not skin of my skin, neither bone of my bone, but still MIRACULOUSLY, my own.

I think the world of every mom who has given birth to their children, I mean OUCH, I for one salute YOU! But I’m also so grateful to God that it’s not the only way to deserve the title of Motherhood.

Just maybe, Motherhood was always found within the crevices of our hearts. Each of our hearts.

And so, no matter your season, but because of your Mother Heart, HAPPY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

I believe, as mothers, we were created by God to reflect a specific side of His heart to humanity, a side that humanity couldn’t do without. My imagination can sometimes run wild, but I imagine God creating a Mother’s Heart with extra care, to be almost unshakable. Steadfast. Able to adjust to the crashing waves and the valleys and the mountaintops of life. Able to love and pour out and uplift and be a safe space and help, whether in times of immense personal pain or in glorious joy! Able to see potential and nurture and speak life even when faced with challenges. Able to be the glue for those around her, when indeed everything else is shaking.

You, lovely one, might not think that about yourself, or hear it enough, but you are that Mother’s Heart kinda woman who God created with extra care. To withstand the tests of time, but more than that, to flourish and cause those around you to flourish too! You are worthy of being celebrated every day at the ‘city gates’ like the son of the Proverbs 31 woman writes about his mom.

Not because of your accomplishments (however I’m sure that your list of accomplishments is praise-worthy), but because of your HEART, which has allowed you to lay down your own agenda, and to pick up the agendas of the lives God has placed under your care.

I read this scripture this morning and it made me think of all of us Mother Hearts in this crazy & different season.

Psalm 57:7 (TPT) “My heart, O God, is quiet and confident. Now I can sing with passion your wonderful praises!”

I think there is such power to a heart that is at peace and filled with confidence, a confidence that can only be found in who God is, and the fact that He called you to be a Mother in this season.

2020, And all that is happening, is no surprise to God. Knowing the days ahead, He created you & I, with our Mother Hearts, because He knew that we would have what it takes to bring what’s needed to those in our care.

He knew that you would be able to rise up with an unshakeable strength in your heart. He knew that you would praise Him no matter what, and through that keep pointing your family to Jesus.

He knew that the peace you bring to your family would reflect bits of Heaven to them. He knew you would use the weapon He equipped you with for this time – The prayers you pray (whether under your breath or aloud) over your family.

He knew your bravery would protect your little ones from having to experience the pressures of this season.

He knew you would step in to care for the needs of those beyond your natural family because that’s what Mother Hearts do.

In the light of this, I leave you with 1 Corinthians 15:58 TPT (I’ve added some Mom words)

“So now, beloved ones, stand firm and secure. Live your lives (as mothers) with unshakable confidence. We know that we prosper and excel in every season by serving the Lord (as mothers) because we are assured that our union with the Lord makes our labour (as mothers) productive with fruit (in our families) that endures.”

Ps. It’s now 3:10 pm, I’m covered in baby spew, have changed about 7 nappies. Motherhood hey

All my love on Mother’s Day.

Anneli Humer