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Avos and bananas

On 15 May 2020 8:58 AM I walked into the house from our 7 AM morning walk, and I overheard my wife on a phone call to her sister talking about how bananas cause other fruit to ripen. Simply place a banana with your avocados to help them ripen faster.

That got me thinking, who is next to me and you? Who pushes me forward in ripening? Who is causing me to ripen so that I waste no time in becoming all God has designed me to be?

Over the years I have had the honor of gathering people around me that ripen me. In some seasons there have been many, and some seasons there have been less. But no matter what, I have needed to intentionally look at the impact of those closest to me. If they aren’t ripening me, then what are they doing?

As each year passes I see all the more that having like-minded individuals around me, is so incredibly powerful and important. Like-minded in the foods we enjoy, the countries we prefer, the style of clothing we want to wear? Certainly not. This like-mindedness involves a similar commitment to building God’s church. A hunger to see God’s Kingdom advance, a passion to create and steward more of what God has given them. A desire to see the impossible be done, the new to be revealed, and the unknown to be tapped into. I need to grow and I need to ripen, and without the help of others, I simply won’t grow to the capacity I can and should.

The other thing that ripens me and will forever be the most important navigator in every single possible situation, is the Living, Breathing, Unchanging, Word of God. The Bible is my banana. The depth to the Bible far outdoes the greatest search any man could do through advice, the internet, or even the wisest friends. I can’t say its always as clear and fast, but I know everything I need to navigate my way through any climate, are all within those pages. Day after day I challenge myself to trust that truth. I challenge myself to fight the urge to rely on something that might seem easier, but rather relying on GOD AND HIS WORD for the final say.

Let us be known as a creative family that places full trust in the Author. That speaks their truth, shares their joy and peace, and silences the devil with their authority. Let us be a creative team that ripens one another, pushes each other forward, and not hold each other back. Let us be a creative family that naturally attracts others to seek God above popularity and the busyness of life. A family that places value upon peace that is only attained through time spent in His word, and that navigates through hardships with a sense of victory right from the onset.

Ask yourself …  WHO IS RIPENING YOU?

Contrary to what you might think I will end off with … I actually had a look at the antonyms of the word RIPENING. And this is where I will leave it for today …

Let’s allow God to speak to us and maybe show us who or what the things are in our lives that might be causing some lack of ripening?



Stefan Green