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How Creative a Creative Team Can Get in Isolation

May 29 2020

On Sunday 15th of March, our Hillsong Perth Creative Team turned off consoles, rolled cables and placed TVs back in their road cases, among all of the other fun that comes with pack down, bumping out of a hired venue. We hugged and said our goodbyes, not knowing when we would get the opportunity to do this again—to embrace one another, or to gather as a church. And now we are all still mostly at home, as we keep ourselves and others safe in isolation.

It can be so easy to shrink back during challenging days like the ones we are in. However, I am so proud of our creative team and how they are pressing into Church Online, praying across our weekend Zoom Green Rooms, caring for each other and CREATING. I’ve seen some of the hardest pressed in our team produce some of their best creative works.

I want to share just a few ways people in our team have been using their time in isolation:

  1. A couple recorded a stunning 10-minute instrumental ‘Prayer Works’ piece.
  2. Some of the talented cooks on team have shared their exquisite cuisine.
  3. The Dance Team has been learning choreography together over Zoom.
  4. Our Creative Moments leader was asked to inspire creatives on a large online platform.
  5. Many of our team have been writing songs.
  6. One of our vocalists is incredible with woodwork and has started making and selling beautiful tables and cutting boards.
  7. Our Vocal Oversight has a gift when it comes to calligraphy. She has now started her own business, handwriting custom prints and modern lettering.
  8. A key volunteer has been purchasing gift cards for Coles groceries, handing them out at random when felt led to do so.
  9. And if you really want to see creative beauty in the midst of adversity, our incredible friends over at The First Hello found an innovative way to portray human life in isolation. ‘Homebodies‘ is a photo essay documenting domestic life during this Covid-19 pandemic.


I actually think that being diligent with what we feel called to is not only delivering messages of hope during this pandemic, but also creating a future that is richer and all the more beautiful.

This virus has driven us all out of our regular life, and I believe it can push our creativity to new levels! Imagine the stories a photographer could tell through their lens, or the short stories our filmmakers could put together. Imagine the poems and prose that writers could piece together, encapsulating this moment in history. Imagine…

Imagine the sound of songs of praise that could be birthed in this place of quiet, of loss, of uncertainty, by being sure of one thing: Jesus.

I dream of people seeking God with their gifts so we can come through this and land in a more beautiful world because of what was created in the desert season.

The art we create now is meant to be seen and heard and experienced through the context of people of this time. There really is no excuse not to up-skill, practice and tap into hidden passions while in isolation. What an incredible time we live in where resources and people are literally at our fingertips. Whether you are already inspired and crafting something or still searching for something to put your hand to, I encourage you to firmly take hold of what Ephesians 2:10 (NIV) says, “for we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.“

Matt Myers
Hillsong Perth Creative Pastor