Living an Ascending Life (Part 2)

How can we live lives that still ascend, still increase, and still continue to move forward in this time of isolation and frustration?

Last time, we looked at three principles from Proverbs 15 that I find particularly encouraging in this season.

  1. Choose to be Cheerful
  2. Live Simply
  3. Hold to High Virtues

Today we continue with three more principles, encouraging us to step into all that God has called us to.

  1. Seek Counsel


22 Your plans will fall apart right in front of you
if you fail to get good advice.
But if you first seek out multiple counselors,
you’ll watch your plans succeed.

Many people’s circumstances have changed in this season, which require big decisions to be made. This verse reminds us to seek counsel, seek Godly wisdom. Don’t make big calls and decisions by yourself.

I recently needed to make a big decision on our home situation, I felt completely out of my depth and not sure what the right move was. I sought counsel from an expert in the field and he came back to me with five pages of notes, numbers and different scenarios. His workings made it so obvious what the right decision was. I’m so glad I didn’t make a decision before seeking wise counsel.

What a great promise this is. If you seek out counsel and advice – watch your plans succeed.

  1. Walk Prudently

24 The life path of the prudent lifts them progressively heavenward,
delivering them from the death spiral
that keeps tugging them downward.

A prudent person is someone who: “acts or shows care and thought for the future.”

 This is one of my favourite Proverbs. The life path of a prudent person winds upwards. We are not called to go downwards and backwards. There is an onwards and UPWARD call in Christ Jesus!

What we are experiencing today should not be evaluated by how we feel, but evaluated according to God’s Word.

I’m not going to camp in this valley. I’m not allowing this crisis to reign and rule over me. This current situation is not my lot in life. We will get through this, there is life after this lockdown, we will cross over to the other side of this bridge.

Our best days are still up ahead!

Walk TODAY with the FUTURE in mind.

  1. Focus on a Good Report

30 Eyes that focus on what is beautiful bring joy to the heart,
and hearing a good report
refreshes and strengthens the inner being.

In this season I want to be well informed but also discerning of sensationalism in our news cycles and coverage. Whilst there is a lot of devastating and heart-breaking stories out there, I want to focus on the good reports.

I was so encouraged by this great report sent to me by one of our business leaders in the hotel industry based here on the Gold Coast:

Thank you for your prayers. Unbelievable and miraculous changes have categorised the past few weeks for our business. 

This is one testimonial. 

Three weeks ago, we were looking like our hotel group was ‘done for’. We had let go around 65 staff and our cash flow forecast was showing us going broke within 6 months. 

We now have 6 out of 7 of our hotels running at almost full in a time where the average Aussie hotel is running less than 10% occupied and heaps have closed their doors. 

We have been blessed with multiple government contracts and with a bunch of other things including rent reductions and government wage subsidies that have completely turned around our prospects of business survival from the ‘impossible’ to the ‘possible in God’.

To go from ‘certain’ defeat to this in such a short space of time when no other hotel group is doing it, is nothing short of a miracle. 

We are not living ‘free and easy’ yet by any means, but we certainly have a hope where so many had lost theirs. 

“All we can do is the best we can do and put the rest up to God”

It’s certainly been and will remain my motto for this season.


I don’t know about you but I feel refreshed when I read about God’s provision and protection in the lives of His people. That is the great promise from this Proverb: as we focus on a good report, it refreshes and strengthens our inner being! AMEN.

In conclusion, I believe despite current restriction and limitations–we can live an ascended life! Ascending above the chaos to a place where we can love and lead from a place of strength.


Big Love