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Three Ways We Can Worship Today

May 6 2020

Our message has always been clear; true worship has never been confined to twenty minutes of singing on a Sunday. I’ve been a worship pastor for the majority of my adult life and in all of these years of leading and equipping others to lead corporate worship in our many weekend services, this theme has consistently held true:

Worship is a lifestyle.

Because of this I feel confident to say that our need as Christians to worship our God, in spirit and truth, is as real right now as it ever has been and as it ever will be.  When we finally return to worship together again, worship is still a lifestyle.

Worship, in addition to being an act of obedience, puts everything in creation in the perspective which God intended it to be. As we often say, whatever our circumstance may be, choosing to worship takes our eyes off of our problems and onto Jesus. In a world full of uncertainty, worship pushes our attention past our questions and fixates our hearts on the One who holds the answers.

With that in mind I want to encourage you to do three things as an act of worship today:

  • Find a quiet space, put your favourite worship song on, and sing along from the start to the finish.

If you need a suggestion of great worship music, I know a church that goes alright :-). If you’re not a great singer, that’s ok. I’m sure others in your home or your neighbours will understand. Science has proven what God has instructed all along: singing, and specifically singing truth about our Saviour, brings peace to chaos and calm to anxiety. Even more than that, singing praise brings honour to the One to whom it is due.

  • Write down your praise.

Take a moment to think about why you praise, why you worship. Who do you know God to be? Why is He worth praising? Write that down. Maybe you write just a few words, maybe a letter, or maybe a poem. Whatever you write, make it yours. Make it your praise for who God is, not just what He does. 

  • FaceTime someone and share what you wrote.

Share with them why you worship Jesus today and invite them to do the same. While worship is personal, between you and your Heavenly Father, it’s also much bigger than that. As Christians, worship is our shared interaction. It’s our common ground. (You can read more about that here)

In this season as we’re unable to meet together, being intentional about encouraging one another through our worship is all the more important.

Why not do these three things today? Let us know about it. And let’s see our worship as individuals and as a community of believers deepen and grow like it never has before.

Brad Kohring
Hillsong QLD Creative Pastor