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How To Take Care Of Your Beard

Jun 5 2020

In recent years, beards have made a comeback in full force, and in the streets, you’ll find more and more city lumberjacks. The number of men’s hair salons and barber shops has increased dramatically. In Paris alone, the number of barbershops has tripled in just ten years. With all the hype around beards, you’re maybe wondering if it’s isn’t time to let yours grow. You may even have tried it in the past, but you ended up frustrated because it didn’t grow as firm or fast as you would have liked.

Unfortunately, there is still no magic formula for growing hair. If it’s not in the genes, you won’t have it. On the other hand, there are small tricks that everyone can put in place to slightly accelerate the growth of your beard and maximise your potential to have one. The reality is that you have probably cultivated a few bad habits that can prevent hair growth. So here are five tips to reverse this trend and achieve that trendy look that only a beautiful beard can provide.

Here are my five tips to reach the beard of your dreams and always be… cutting-edge!

1- Patience

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in growing a beard is giving up too quickly. Indeed, if you have never let your beard grow, it will not happen in a few days. Give yourself between 4 and 12 weeks to let the hair show up everywhere. Yes, it will be ugly, it will itch, colleagues will make comments, it will certainly be a little irregular… but don’t worry! The goal is to reach a minimum length first, and then start to take shape.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing the myth that “you have to shave to grow better”. The only way to grow a beard is… surprise: to let it grow!

Also, don’t go to the barbershop too quickly. I made the mistake of using the few hairs I had on my face as an excuse to be able to experiment with the reclining chair and the hot towel. Although the comfort is there, the reality is that the barber must justify his time, so he will cut your beard while it is growing. What a waste for so much effort and time invested. Be patient, it will be worth it!

2- Sleep well, eat well

The health of your beard is linked to your general health. A varied diet rich in protein, vegetables, grains and carbohydrates will optimise hair growth. And don’t forget to sleep! Your celles regenerate at night while you sleep. So, if you spend many-a-nights staying awake in front of the Xbox, time to give that up : you need to rest!

Another good reason for getting a good night’s sleep is that the distribution of nutrients happens through the flow of blood in the body. Sleep will regulate this flow and allow all of the good nutrients you eat to get to the cells responsible for hair growth.

3- Exercice

Another good habit to cultivate is to exercice. Working out will make you happier thanks to the endorphins released during exercise. It will give you more clarity and ease for decision-making by oxygenating the brain and it will prolong your life by cell renewal. A recent study even indicates that good healthy habits end up written in your genetic code, and that if you exercice, your future children will also have a predisposition to good health and will live longer!

Not only will this play a huge role in your overall health, but sports will also promote the production of testosterone, the hormone linked to hair growth. It won’t change your genetics, of course… But increasing your testosterone production will optimise the growth of your beard. So if you have trouble growing your beard, and find yourself with a baby face, increasing your level of testosterone will initiate the growth of small hairs on your mustache and chin.

4- Adapt

Most men can grow facial hair with patience and a few good habits. It will not be a beard worthy of a Viking for everyone, but even a simple goatee or mustache can beautify your face and enhance your style. But, depending on your situation and your genetics, you will have to adapt and play with the styles that your genetics favor.

When you start to get an idea of ​​your growth trends, you can then go see a barber or a make-up artist who can give you his professional advice. He will tell you if it is possible to cover the holes on the cheeks, whether to style the beard one way or the other, how to shave if you do it at home and what type of beard to aim for for your face type (ie. A longer beard at the bottom in the shape of a cone will lengthen the round faces and give a thinner appearance).

5- Take care

Without going into details regarding the best brands and products, in general, your beard will require a minimum of care. And believe me when I tell you that five minutes in the morning can change the look of your beard completely.

When you shower, remember to also shampoo your beard. No need for special soap, just use what you use for your hair to remove follicles and remnants of products that can prevent the skin from breathing and the hair from growing. A dab of beard oil in the morning after brushing can also make your beard look cleaner and tidier.

If you don’t have a beard kit at home, you can find good kits for around 25€ online – with a brush, a beard comb, oil and wax. In the beauty products section of your supermarket or at your barbershop, you will find different oils with various scents if you want to try something different. But the truth is, a little coconut or castor oil can do the trick.

You shouldn’t spend ages on it: it’s not a beauty routine, it’s just a matter of time management. Long hair and beards take a little longer than short hair and beardless faces. But I think the result is worth it!

The good news is that we live in times where it is okay to have a beard in almost any type of context. With an increase in working-from-home at the moment, it becomes even more common. So why not take advantage of this season to give it a try. In the end, growing a beard is a fairly simple matter: let it grow, keep it clean, and cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Courage to all you future bearded men!

Pedro Mitraud
Paris & Connect Luxembourg Campus