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How To Make A Good Coffee For Dad

Jun 5 2020

How to Make a Good Coffee with a French Press in 9 Steps

The French Press is a halfway step between a filter coffee & an espresso. This coffee-maker is very easy to use and will cause you to enjoy coffees that are both aromatic and full-bodied. If you want to learn a simple technique for making a good coffee, this is the coffee-maker for you! Also, this method of preparing coffee is the closest thing that comes to a professional palate taste test. It is the ideal tool to discover the wealth and diversity offered by the world of coffee.

1- First thing, choose a delicious freshly brewed coffee.
It should be grinded large enough, like coarse salt.

2- Make sure you have a good ratio: 60g to 70g of coffee for 1L of water.
Recommended dosages:
2 cups: 15g / 250mL water
4 cups, 30g / 500mL water
8 cups, 60g / 1L of water

3- Heat water. Be careful: the water must be hot but not boiling, otherwise it may burn the coffee.
Don’t burn yourself!

4- Pour half of the water and wait 3 minutes.
Be patient…!

5- Stir lightly with a spoon and remove the crust over the coffee.
This reduces the bitterness and tastes better.

6- Wait 4 to 5 minutes.
The longer the wait, the silkier the coffee.

7- Place the filter on top of the coffee maker.
Just above.

8- Press very gently. Without pressure.
The most peaceful moment of the day

8 – Your coffee is ready!

Élie Hoareau
Paris Campus