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Rhythm, Cadence, and Becoming

Sep 8 2020

What comes to mind when you think about rhythm? No doubt the face of your local legend drummer is appearing in many people’s minds right now. One of the first things I think of is music. One sound on its own is just noise. But rhythm, where one sound complements another, and another, and another, together makes something beautiful. What also comes to mind are the words precision and intentionality. Rhythm in life doesn’t just happen by accident. It has to be planned and it has to be fought for.

We are intentional about many things in life. We save for the purchase of our first home. For years we will intentionally allocate every dollar that comes through our bank account knowing that we’re working towards a goal that matters. We’re intentional about a university degree. We decide who we want to be in four years time and then take daily steps to get there. Rather than making decisions based on the whim of a feeling, our daily rhythms are dictated by a meaningful goal to which our commitment runs deep.

At risk of making a grotesque understatement, this year has waged a seemingly all-out assault against the fabric of rhythm. If you’re anything like me, our daily rhythms around what matters most have been jolted out of autopilot. In this season, the practice of spiritual transformation, community, and calling can so easily be constrained by a haphazard response to the world around us rather than an intentional journey toward who we all want to become as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms (1 Peter 4:10).

So right now, at the beginning of September 2020, I want to throw both my hands in the air, waving them wildly back and forth, and shout to everyone who would hear, let’s not drift through this month on autopilot! Allow me to ask these questions of you:

Who are you becoming?

And are you willing to arrange your life around what matters most?

Think about that for a moment. This is a call to rhythm and cadence. It’s a call to plan our days and weeks in such a way that allows us to become who we so desperately want to be.

Consider the three facets of life listed above: spiritual transformation, community, and calling. Now for a moment, ask the Holy Spirit to lead you as you answer three questions for each of these three areas. You may want to write the questions and answers in your journal or phone.

  • What am I doing now that is helping me become who I want to become in this area? (Keep doing this!)
  • What might I be doing now that is preventing me from becoming who I want to become in this area? (Stop doing this!)
  • What could I be intentional about doing today or this week that will cause me to become who God has created me to be? (Add this to your schedule today or this week.)

Examine for each area:

Spiritual Transformation: Prayer, scripture, solitude, silence, rest, etc.

Community: The gathering of the church online or in a room together, connect group/small group, family, friendships, etc.

Calling: The development of your personal gifting, what are you learning, what are you practicing, what can you actively do to walk out your mission and run the race marked out for you?

You may have written so many things in answer to the third question that you’re left feeling overwhelmed. I’d encourage you to pick one or two changes that you can make right now.

Then in a few weeks come back to this, assess how you’ve gone, and maybe make an additional change towards who you want to become!

This year may not have had much rhythm thus far. But the good news is, there’s still plenty of 2020 left. Get ready to dance and someone count us in. Because I feel a new rhythm coming on.

Brad Kohring