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The 2 Gifts Required to be an Engaging Preacher

Sep 11 2020

How curious are you? Are you constantly seeking to discover new things? 

Ps Robert Fergusson, in the soon to be launched Reach & Influence online preaching course, identifies the gift of curiosity and the gift of discovery as critical assets to an engaging preacher. He says that you need to be interested in everything and interested in everyone.

Do you have a need-to-know policy? Or are you content with the existing reach of your interest and knowledge about the world?

Robert suggests that in order to impact more people, each of us can apply these five practises to enlarge the sphere of our interest.

1. Develop a mindset of curiosity

In a world that has never had more convenient access to the glorious diversity of knowledge and experiences, many of us simply do not take advantage of all the interesting things there are to explore. Have you thought about how amazing everything is? Without a curious mind you’re missing out on broadening your understanding of this fascinating world.

2. Experience different cultures

A lot of people go on holidays to different nations, but sadly don’t actually experience different cultures. They eat the same food and stay in the same type of environment as if they were in their own home.

When you have the opportunity to travel, try to experience or engage with the food, the custom, and the language, so you are constantly learning about the world in which God has placed you. In doing so, you are far better placed to build bridges and connect with people from various cultures.

3. Read widely

Read outside of your interest. When you read a book – let’s say a famous character lived in a particular city, or did a particular thing – try to learn more about it, perhaps even visit it, in order to move from being a passive learner to an active learner.

4. Ask questions

A sure way to enlarge our sphere of interest is by asking questions. Ask people to tell their story; about what they love, what they do, what they are interested in. You can become a more interesting person by being more interested in people.

Jesus didn’t tell parables about carpentry because he was more interested in other people’s worlds and other people’s interests than his own.

5. Learn to observe

In today’s society we spend more time looking down at our phones than we do looking up to God and looking out to other people.

Would you see Zaccheus if he were up a tree today? Are you looking around and about you throughout your day? 

By following these five practical principles, all of us have the opportunity to grow both our curiosity and discovery, in order to win more people.

Andy Hopper
Hillsong Network


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