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What Does Worship Look Like in This Season?

Sep 29 2020

“When was the last time you sang to me?”⁣
Amos 5 (The Message paraphrase)⁣

This paraphrase was rolling around my heart this morning.⁣

A common question I’m being asked to address lately is: “what does worship look like in this season?”⁣

I think I understand where the question is coming from, but I also think it reveals a significant flaw in our understanding of

1. What worship is and

2. Who we think it’s for.⁣

So let’s go there.⁣

The key components of worship are not (and have never been) a stage, a PA or even a congregation. The essence of worship has always been sacrifice – and sacrifice unto the Lord. The most out of tune voices will have the most in tune hearts, when they are voices continually bringing offerings of adoration to Christ. That is worship. Give Him a tone-deaf warble and a yielded heart over a shiny but empty gift any day.⁣

And that’s the point, really. Who is worship for? Spoiler alert: worship is not for people. It’s for the Lord. And He wants it. Wants your worship. He is jealous for His glory. ⁣

So – “what does worship look like in this season?”

My worship in 2020 looks the same as it did in 2019. Which looks the same as it did in 2005. Which looks the same as it did in 2000.⁣

Me and my imperfect self, a surrendered heart and a croaky morning, midday or evening voice bringing a song and a sacrifice to the One I love. In my room, the car, the shower, over dishes, in the closet, in my office, on a long walk. Wherever I am, He is. Whatever condition my heart is in – He wants it. Whatever my song is – He will have it. My worship is for Jesus – He is the only one worthy of it. Long before anyone was watching and long after they’ll stop. ⁣

Maybe He is gently whispering to you today, not with condemnation or accusation (which comes from the other place), but with voice brimming with welcome and invitation: ⁣

“When was the last time you sang to Me?”⁣