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A Season for Sowing

Dec 9 2020

Well hello there! My name is Tyler Douglass and I’m one of the Creative Pastors here at Hillsong Church and I have the honour of leading and organising a lot of the creative things we do across our Youth ministry! I just wanted to share something with you that has not only challenged me in this COVID season but something that has also encouraged me greatly! It’s been the principle of sowing and reaping and I’ve been caught up in the Parable of the Talents which is found in Matthew 25.

To paraphrase it or to sum it up quickly in my own words, a master gave three of his servants talents/money to sow and invest while he went away and each servant yielded different results. Two out of the three servants double the talent/money they were given while the third servant did absolutely nothing and hid the talent/money away. The master was stoked with the first two servants and the profit they made, but he wasn’t so stoked with the servant who did absolutely nothing with their talent/money…

When I read this parable a few months back, it convicted me because in this season, like a lot of people around the world, I’ve been given ‘talents’ in the form of some extra time to use and sow; along with the creative gifts God has put on our lives. I’m sure this isn’t news to you, but this COVID season isn’t going to last forever; it will eventually come to an end.

Which led me to ask myself the tough question; ‘what am I doing with my extra time!?’ Am I sowing it wisely or am I letting it waste away? Am I developing the creative gift God has put on my life or am I leaving it on the shelf to grow old and dusty? Am I digging deeper in my relationship with God or am I getting to know my iPhone too well 😜?

If there were three main things that I’ve realised I need to invest and sow into during this season then it would be these three…


My Relationship with God.

For me, it’s meant things like playing my favourite Worship Playlist and worshipping for 10 mins.

What would it mean for you, to sow into your relationship with God in this season?


My Relationship with Others.

Finding new ways to connect with the people God has put in my life or placed across my path. Being intentional about it.

Who would you normally sit in church with? How can you sow into your relationship with them and others?


My God Given Gift.

Now could be the time to lock away 45 mins a week for that vocal lesson I’ve never had time for…

It’ll be different for all of us, but what would sowing into my God-given gifts look like in this season?


I truly believe with all my heart that as believers, we will reap ten fold in the future what we end up sowing in this season. I don’t know about you but that is equally exciting as it is daunting as I don’t want to waste the time and energy that I have in this season sowing into pointless things… Be encouraged! Be challenged but DO NOT be like the third servant!

Much love,
Tyler Douglass