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A Commitment to Excellence & Righteousness

Feb 1 2021

38 years of ministry. Millions reached globally. Our commitment to excellence and integrity has never wavered and will never change. In the wake of a pandemic, in the face of opposition, we are more confident than ever that God has great things in store. We love you.

We stand in awe. We stand in awe of the story God is writing through Hillsong Church. From the “YES”of our pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston to launch Hillsong in 1983. To the incredible music that is estimated to be sung by 50 million people in 60 languages around the globe every week. To Hillsong churches in 30 countries on six continents. To the nearly 20,000 students who have graduated from Hillsong College. To the Hillsong Channel which broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week bringing hope to the world. To the immeasurable impact of Hillsong social justice work through CityCare and Because We Can both locally and globally. To Sisterhood which has united hundreds of thousands of women globally in Christ and cause. To each individual life who has been redeemed and restored in Jesus through the faithful ministry of Hillsong Church. We stand in awe.

We remain steadfast. We are steadfast in our vision to prayerfully impact millions throughout the earth for Christ. To be a church that ‘welcomes home’ every man, woman and child that walks through the doors with love and intentional care that models the Kingdom of God. To worship passionately with songs, new and old, that shape generations for Jesus. To constantly and consistently innovate. To raise up, equip and empower young leaders, anointed for the Kingdom cause. To steward the resources given to us in a way that highlights our 38-year record of excellence in financial accountability and integrity globally. To leadership that is committed to authenticity, credibility and quality of heart. To building a network connecting pastors and leaders globally to flourish in building His glorious Church. To being The Church ‘committed to bringing the love and hope of Christ to impossible situations’. We remain steadfast.

We are expectant. No doubt these past few months have been challenging, but God continues to write an incredible story through Hillsong Church. There are many chapters yet to be written and what He authors is always exceptional. We are expectant to see miracles and wonders that point to God’s glory and power. To see chains fall, people restored, justice and healing, hope and reconciliation. To live out the call of God over our ministry with you in great joy, love for all and in a beautiful surrender.