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Shadows & Wonder — Poets. Prophets. Everyday Women.

Mar 30 2021

“Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you… signs of my purpose and plan bursting forth… budding vines… new life… there is change in the air.”“You are the poetry of God… His handiwork… out of your innermost being is flowing the fullness of my Spirit… and within your womb is a birthing of harvest… the sons and daughters nurtured by the purity you impart… the grace you have become… the shining light on a hill.”“Look at her now… how beautiful on the mountains… a tower of redemption… a wall of protection for others… a vineyard of my love…”

Song of Songs (The Bible, The Passion Translation)


What’s not to love about the beauty and artistry of faith?

…Faith that relentlessly weaves its way through time and history? Faith that paints colour and vibrancy across the human soul? Faith that shines brightest when circumstance and days are often at their darkest? And what’s not to love about a future that has your name written within its pages?

For those who are friends to the Colour journey, next year (2022) marks yet another new season for a bold, courageous and caring company of women. A new season of moving forward — in step with one another, in step with the Spirit of God, and in step with a world who is perhaps ready to awaken with a fierce hunger for truth, non-compromise and promise. A new season, of everyday women, with a heightened sense of mandate and calling.

SHADOWS AND WONDER is language I sense for the coming year. These three words paint a picture. The book of Acts declares that in latter times, God would pour out His Spirit, on both men and women, young and old, and that they in turn would become the history-makers, movers and shakers, poets and prophets of a new era. I believe we are living in the very centre and heartbeat of those days, and I believe that God is continuing to pour out His Spirit on a movement of brilliant and breathtaking women who are up for the challenge and adventure, light and shade, wonder and influence.

Lisa Harper and Priscilla Shirer are excited and thrilled to be joining us in Sydney. As host of Colour, I am walking into the future with faith and belief that this divine message of value and dignity will resonate with greater clarity and reach to daughters and women yet to hear. The Whisper hasn’t diminished in power or potency, nor its mission to reach into the furthest corners of this world — and the host of women bearing witness and choosing to publish the good news of a perfect God in Heaven and a perfect Saviour, is only growing and coming of age.

So girls. Mark your calendar (11th & 12th March, Hillsong Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia or Online) and make a plan because we can’t wait to gather under one roof, with one shout and one fabulous proclamation. And ladies, until this global world (2021) finds its equilibrium regarding this current pandemic and uncertain times, our hope is to roll out more exciting options as we can (new wineskins and new opportunities). In the meantime, I hope you will secure you and your friends into our flagship Sydney room or Online. We love you and covet your prayers as we plan and prepare.

You are altogether lovely. I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

With love and affection,
Bobbie Houston
Host and Founder of Colour Conference
Co-Global Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church