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My Story: I’ve been drug free ever since

Apr 7 2021

Just over 4 years ago I walked in to Hillsong Church a very broken man. I’d spent years struggling with addiction to heavy drugs, that I was so ashamed, lost, hurt and really uncertain of where my life was heading.

Thanks to one80TC for walking me through the doors of Hillsong, I was introduced to a God who loves me, who forgives me, who sees far more in me than I ever saw in myself – and if it wasn’t for that encounter with God and having turned my life around, truth be told, I highly doubt I’d be alive today.

Since then, I now work at Hillsong with the most incredible team, surrounded by the biggest bunch of legends ever. I’ve been drug free ever since, went to Bible College, bought a house, got married, and even had the honour of standing on the platform to tell my story at our Creative Conference (watch below) – hopefully inspiring others to turn their lives around the same way I did, and giving hope to families who may have loved ones struggling with addiction, that there is a God who is control.

You might read a whole bunch of junk in the media about Hillsong (9/10 by people who have never stepped inside the doors), but I can tell you first-hand that I absolutely love my church wholeheartedly.

Thank you Brian and Bobbie for building a house where people can encounter God, feel loved, encouraged, meet a community of people who are going to speak life into them, and walk through every season of life with them.

I don’t ever post stuff like this – but I know that’s my experience, and I truly believe that the best days are yet to come.