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Helping to Keep Girls in School: International Day of the Girl

Oct 11 2021

The United Nations heralds the 11th of October each year as the International Day of the Girl – a day to celebrate the brilliance, resilience, courage, tenacity and potential of every girl across the world.

For over 25 years the Colour Sisterhood has been a strong advocate for the empowerment of girls and women in all walks of life;championing their value, worth, identity and purpose.

There is an overwhelming amount of research that indicates that when girls are given the same access to educational opportunities as boys, they have an enormous capacity to bring positive change to their families, communities and nations.

According to the UNICEF, “Girls who receive an education are less likely to marry young and more likely to lead healthy, productive lives. They earn higher incomes, participate in the decisions that most affect them, and build better futures for themselves and their families.

Girls’ education strengthens economies and reduces inequality. It contributes to more stable, resilient societies that give all individuals – including boys and men – the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

But education for girls is about more than just access to school. It’s also about them feeling safe and supportedin their classrooms and school environments.

Many girls drop out simply because they can’t afford feminine hygiene products or the fees to go to school.

In response to this issue, Watoto has been working alongside local schools in Uganda and South Sudan to reduce the dropout rate among adolescent girls. Over the years, Watoto has been able to expand their reach and are now partnering with 65 schools and assisting over 7,300 schoolgirls.

Recently, through the generous donations from our Colour Sisterhood, we were able to contribute $130,000 to Watoto’s ‘Keep a Girl in School’ initiative, helping thousands of girls stay and participate in school by providing them with basic feminine hygiene products, like sanitary pads, underwear and bars of soap, giving them a very tangible gift as well as hope for the days ahead.

Thank you, Colour Sisterhood for actively choosing to champion the potential and value within every girl and letting them know that there is a company of women across the world who are cheering them on and believe in them.

The Colour Sisterhood team.