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Reflections on WCC with Cass

Oct 28 2021

Beklager, denne post er kun tilgængelig i English. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.


How are you?  Hope that this note finds you well in 2021, wherever you may be. What a year this has been, and as we look toward Christmas, I am filled with excitement as the dates November 5th & 6th are circled on my calendar (and marked with arrows) in anticipation for our fourth ever Worship and Creative Conference at Hillsong Church.

I know you have registered to attend Colour or Hillsong Conference next year, and I am wondering if, in the waiting, you’d like us to save you a seat online for WCC21: ARROWS. It’s a pretty special event —a sweet watering hole, a place where creativity and worship is fostered, and a place where community is forged. There are always plenty of laughs! And your favourite people like Taya, Joel, Brooke, Reuben, Robert Fergusson, Brian & Bobbie, Laura Toggs and many others will lead us in worship and ministry times with a truly personal touch.

More than ever, I have a sense that God is calling His people to live wisely in the world, worshipful in their approach to all they steward, and a call to be the kind of people who are living purposefully as we create life, hope and peace out of the chaotic times we find ourselves in—much like we see God doing in Genesis 1, as the Spirit hovered over the water and chaos, and God created by His word.

Last night, I was sitting on the couch with my kids telling them a little of what we’re creating for this year’s WCC (they secretly tell me it’s their favourite conference, and I’m sure they’re biased, but I will take it ?), and as I let them in on some of the secrets, they were reminiscing on their highlights—one being Joel Houston’s session from 2019.  It was unique and very “Joel”. He’s an artist in every sense of the word, whether he has a pencil in his hand sketching, a guitar in his hand writing songs or a microphone in his hand communicating. So I just wanted to share this video below with you and hope it will make you smile as we repeat with him, “I’m still here”.


I hope it will whet your appetite to come gather with us in November or encourage you to pass this on to someone you know who would love this conference, and together, let’s explore our calling, respond in worship and create with beauty in order to see Jesus’ great commission fulfilled. Below is a promo code for you and your friends ($10 off!). We don’t want anyone to miss out. Please pray for us, too, as we prepare and seek God. We value your friendship and partnership.

Much love,