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NEW SONG: Sure Thing

Nov 1 2021

Beklager, denne post er kun tilgængelig i English. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

It’s October 29th, 2021, as I write this, and given the nature of the last couple of years I think it’s safe to say that we, the collective ‘we’ that is all of us, have surely had the world as we knew it turned upside down; our old ways of life rattled, shaken, even torn apart at the seams. It all felt sudden; like we went to sleep as usual one night and woke up in a foreign
land that none of us knew—trying to figure out how to navigate our way around. Trying to find some familiar thing we could grasp or follow. Trying to find our way back. Trying to move forward.  It’s still strange, we’re still figuring it all out; getting to know the way around. Maybe we’re on the way back. Maybe we’re still walking home, stumbling sometimes, clinging to the parts of pre-pandemic life that have made it out the other side. This song made it out the other side. We started it I don’t know when. Sometime before the world went mad, which it did, and it has, and that’s just it. The craziness has been clarifying, don’t you think? Like it forced us to pan for gold, find the real things, the things that matter, the things that last—and it’s just one thing really. It’s Him. He’s it. He’s our sure thing. Everything else is temporal. It’ll fall away, fade away or inevitably fail. Time will turn it into dust and that dust will blow around the footstool of the only things still standing: His Word, His kingdom and His Name.

That’s what this is for us—a singing reminder, a slap over our heads, a conscious confession and alignment of what we know to be true. The kingdom of God will never make sense to the world, and if it takes the world completely losing its senses to remind us, so be it.  There’s this sweet naivety to trusting God when it feels like you shouldn’t—through the chaos, through the madness. But He’s good for it. Pillars fall and people fail, but He — “Attiq Yomin” (Ancient of Days), “El ‘Elyon” (God Most High), “Alpha and Omega,” “Beginning and End,” “El Olam” (God Everlasting) — He is and always will be; the surest thing in the universe.


Words and Music by Benjamin Hastings & Joel Houston


Lead me to the Rock
‘Cause I need something higher
Higher than the world could understand
Foolish as the cross
Humble as the price You paid
The wisdom of a kingdom made to last


‘Cause I don’t wanna build this life
On Babylons of bricks and pride
Sitting on a fault line bound to quake
I’d rather be a bedrock fool
Who trusts in nothing less than You
When every other sure thing surely fails


Lead me to the Rock
Lift me from this sinking sand
I’m sorry for the junk I took for grace
Don’t let it take a fall
To bring me to my knees again
But if it’s what I need
I’ll take my place


‘Cause I don’t wanna build this house
With rubble from the same old ground
Sitting on a fault line bound to quake
I’m banking on a Roman frame
The bedrock of an empty grave
When every other sure thing surely fails


Lord through it all
Through the wind and the storm
On this Rock I’ll stand
Empires may fold
Pillars fail people fall
But Your Word still stands
Age after age
Till the earth fades away
Still Your kingdom stands
Name above names
Jesus I need Your grace
‘Cause the world’s gone mad