Making Of: The Hillsong App

Jun 1 2012

Excitement! This week we launched our first ever official Hillsong Church iPhone app! I know, I know, it's taken a long time, but I think you'll agree this was worth the wait.

The world is going digital, and the mission field is evolving. It's our responsibility as the Church to go digital and engage people where they are.

Over the past 12 months some of our team have been working on a digital mission statement. Something that drives and unifies everything that we do online. This purpose is the same as the app – to champion the cause of local churches everywhere.

Hillsong Church App: Hillsong Collected

Hillsong Church believes in the power of the local church. We believe that the local church is God's answer to a lost and hurting world. We count it a privilege that we can partner with Jesus in the one thing that he promised He would build [Matt 16:18] – His Church.

The main reason we haven't created an app until now is because we wanted our app to be something that was significant and a little bit different. We wanted the Hillsong app to be dynamic, vibrant, and alive like our church… as well as be social and interactive. I'd like to think that our new app is all these things.

Hillsong Church App: Hillsong CollectedHillsong Church App: Hillsong Collected
Hillsong Church App: Hillsong CollectedHillsong Church App: Hillsong Collected

Our desire is that this app will reflect the heartbeat, creativity, and energy of our church, and of what God is doing in our midst. It's our great hope that through this you and your church will be greatly encouraged.

Using regular posts and quality content, people all around the world will develop a stronger relationship with our ministry. It's through this relationship that people will be encouraged in their faith and inspired to serve their local church wholeheartedly.

Hope you enjoy using it,

To download the Hillsong Church iPhone app click here or find it on the Apple App Store.

ps. Yes, there will be an iPad version very soon. And yes, the Android version is not far behind that.

pps. We'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts. Tweet us using #HillsongApp and rate the app on the Apple App Store. If you love it as much as we do, please share it with your friends.