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Jun 20 2012

The pinnacle of our faith — the symbol of our Salvation, Hope, Forgiveness, Restoration, Deliverance, Healing, Wholeness —- for a sinner, just like you and me.
Undeserved — but still He did it for each one of us — the symbolic Cornerstone — the thing of prime importance.

Hillsong LIVE Cornerstone: Hillsong Collected

With Hillsong LIVEs ‘Cornerstone’ art we thoughtfully placed the cross on every part of the artwork — and in most cases as the centrepiece, to represent our cornerstone —- JESUS. 

I went crazy overboard placing it on everything but I always liked the quote by Oswald Chambers on the cross — “All heaven is interested in it… all hell terribly afraid of it…” 
So why not post it everywhere, light it up and shine it from the rooftops, place it on the highest point of our churches, and cover every piece of artwork and let hell shake in fear — 

I’ve even been thinking the last few days how WILD it would be to see the cover of Cornerstone with a majestic cross on the top of the secular charts — the place the world considers significant would shine the light on who Jesus is.

Hillsong LIVE Cornerstone: Hillsong CollectedHillsong LIVE Cornerstone: Hillsong CollectedHillsong LIVE Cornerstone: Hillsong Collected

When brainstorming the art we knew we wanted a cross and we tried several different ideas for a cross photo, but the light idea was the one that had something unique and it left you speechless — captivated.
The final shot we ended up using was the cross at night – it gave a majestic glow against the pitch black darkness.




I believe the cross is truly powerful — a simple symbol that can lead people to Jesus. My biggest prayer is that this album won’t be another cool design, but the cover will captivate the lost and draw them from darkness into the light. 

“The cross is the lightning rod of grace that short-circuits God’s wrath to Christ so that only the light of His love remains…” – A.W. Tozer



PS – in Australia we always make a special edition of the album, and for the many people who love the full art — well this year’s is extra WILD! It is everything below and more — and trust me when I tell you it’s the full experience — plus we only made 5000 copies of the SE so make sure you order real quick:

 Hillsong LIVE Cornerstone Special Edition: Hillsong CollectedHillsong LIVE Cornerstone Special Edition: Hillsong Collected

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