Road To Damascus

Aug 7 2012

We are rarely aware of the life-defining moments when we are in them. Whether these moments are good or bad, often it is exclusively the gift of hindsight that teaches us the true significance, the true weight of these events. It’s only when auditing the succeeding weeks, months, years; that we hear the voice of hindsight tell us that’s when “everything changed.” It’s only the truly prophetic that realise the eternal significance of a moment as it’s happening… especially when it’s happening to them.

Take Saul (ACTS 22) on the road to Damascus for example – secure in his faith, comfortable in his calling, zealous in his “defense” of the law, the “true path,” is suddenly met by the Resurrected Jesus himself… and is changed. Forever. We read this amazing account in the Holy Scriptures and think to ourselves “now THAT is a life-defining moment!” Sometimes forgetting that it’s just that…an account. I wonder if Paul had never gone on the become the most influential missionary The Church has ever known, if he had never gone on to author the fourteen epistles in the New Testament that are traditionally attributed to him, whether we would be give such weight to Paul’s Damascus conversion moment. It’s only the testimony of a life laid down in the service of The Lord Jesus Christ that defines that moment as being the one when “everything changed.”

Last Thursday night Cass Langton (Head of Hillsong Creative Global) preached one of the most character defining, culture defining and priority defining messages to our team at our Creative Team Night in Sydney, Australia. As I sat there being completely challenged by the message and impacted by the atmosphere, watching as our team leant into every word Cass was saying, I thought to myself, “I wonder if this is a defining moment in my life.” Time will tell. But until it does, all I can say is “Thank God for my church.”

I am truly grateful for our creative team and its leader Cass.

Scott Ligertwood
(Hillsong Creative)