Hillsong Creative Podcast Ep 060

Oct 16 2019

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Would you win the Packing Room Prize? Does the average person on the street see a reflection of Jesus in your art & creativity, or would they only see yourself in it?

We are artisans, called to portray and reflect the face of Christ, but what does it look like to outwork this call in partnership with the Spirit? In this exclusive interview with Robert Fergusson, Hillsong’s Teaching Pastor, we hear from Robert about living out God’s divine calling and the Spirit-filled life. From his own beginnings as a biology teacher to his years in ministry as a preacher and pastor, he compels all creatives to seize the gift of discovering God’s calling, and helps demystify what it means to be anointed. This conversation brings challenging thoughts and might just inspire you to reflect Jesus more intently.

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