How to Share the Gospel with those Closest

Dec 13 2016

When you first become a Christian, you were probably very excited to share your faith with everyone you met – and rightfully so! However after receiving some unexpected responses, you might have also found that it’s so important to approach these conversations in the right way, especially when it comes to your family and friends.


1. Communicate graciously

When you first get saved, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you have all the answers. You can even fall into the incorrect thinking that you’re better than everyone else. But this approach will not get you a favorable response.

Be humble and patient when sharing your faith. Conversion has never come after a conflicted argument. Nobody has ever been argued into salvation.

Approach the conversation somewhat like this: I love you and I appreciate you. This might seem weird to you, but I’m a Christian. I’ve received God’s forgiveness and I walk in His grace every day. This doesn’t mean that I’m better than you, or that I have all the answers. If you want to hear about my faith, I’ll tell you, but if you don’t, I respect that as well. I’m here and I’ll share whenever you want me to.

Remember that it’s not always easy to accept Christianity. It’s absurd for some people, so be patient.

2. Earn the right to be heard

Your family and friends know you the best. They know all the things you used to do and the kind of person you used to be. Because of this, you need to build credibility if they’re going to take your faith seriously.

Be committed and unwavering in living the way Jesus did. How you live your life says more about your faith than your words ever will. The way you deal with conflict, the way you handle obstacles, the way you conduct yourself – these are the things your family and friends are going to pay attention to.

3. Pray

Seek to share your faith with your family and friends, but don’t forget the power of prayer. At the end of the day, God loves your family and friends more than you do. God wants them to experience His grace more than you do. So let’s not forget to ask God to change people’s hearts.

Believe that your prayer is more powerful than your invitation to church! Make prayer your first response when it comes to seeing your family and friends finding Jesus.

Ultimately, it is important that we are communicating our faith, but it’s important to be wise in how we are communicating our faith. The conversations we have are not about getting our point across, but they are about helping people hear, understand and respond to the good news – the Gospel.


This thought was adapted from a discussion during a webinar around Evangelism between Carl Lentz and Darren Kitto during our ‘Online Open Week’ in February 2016. Online Open Week is your opportunity to receive impartation and training direct from the Hillsong team through live webinars.

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