Vocal Warm-Up Exercises

Jan 28 2015

Warm-ups are crucial to a healthy, happy, flourishing voice! A short warm
up before sound check and rehearsals can make a world of difference in the
tone and quality of our voice, which means, less limitations and less
distractions from the main thing: leading people into the presence of God!!

Here are five simple warm up scales that may help! This can all be done on an
ascending and descending 5-note, octave scale or sirens. Having a vocal
teacher or asking someone who has strong technique can help make sure you
are warming up correctly.


1. Bubbles (lip trills) are a great starting place. Keep your neck and
throat relaxed and don’t push.

2. Breathing! Get your breathing balanced by long breaths in and out,
allowing low and relaxed breaths. Then try short sharp breaths to activate
diaphragm. Do all this with an open and relaxed throat, this helps your
larynx (voice box) to be in a relaxed state ready for singing.

3. Head voice scale on an ‘ee’ or ‘ooh’ sound – a light scale helps keep
your voice relaxed, open and working into the high register.

4. Chest voice scale on a ‘na’ sound – a lower scale in chest voice
(speaking voice) helps with a full bodied resonance.

5. Mixed voice on a ‘nay’ or ‘no’ sound- the blend of both chest and head
voice is what we are aiming for as we go up the register. Try a nasal
sound as you work up the scale and don’t push. Remember the tone of your
voice thins out as you move up the register so go with your natural sound.

As vocalists, we are committed to building our skills and giving God our
best, cuz He deserves our best! Amen 😉