God Wasn't Finished

Jul 28 2015

During conference week, as much as we were behind-the-scenes, on platform, in studios, etc… the moment God chose to speak so clearly to me, was on the very last night of Conference. My part of the week was almost done, and for all intents and purposes I was starting to wind down. But God wasn’t finished.

At the very end of the night, the team started to sing the song “O Praise the Name”.  Hearing the team outworking what had been a culmination of so many hours and weeks and months of work, and hearing the Church sing, really SING this God-glorifying song… it hit me again how all the hard work really is worth it. To see the Church in unity, to see people changed, to see the Spirit moving… it was the most impacting thing for me in this season.

God can still speak to us, even when we think He’s done.